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  1. Bluebee

    ~☼♪☯♡●Bluebee's Chat Thread●♡☯♪☼~

    My old one died.................................................... so yeah. Everybody is welcome! Rules All BYC rules apply No swearing No slaughter talk No inappropriate behavior Please be nice! Have fun!!!
  2. Bluebee

    Sizzle Cockeral For Sale

    I have a smooth, blue Sizzle cockeral that needs a good home. He is 7 weeks old, hand raised, purebred, and very sweet. He is show quality, and I got him from California Country Ranch. I am asking $15 for him. I am located in Southern San Jose. Please contact me via PM if you are interested...
  3. Bluebee

    Hatching Newbie

    Hey everyone! Today is day 21 for my 6 Sizzle eggs. One hatched, and has been running around in the incubator for 7ish hours.The only thing I'm concerned about is that it might burn it's head on the metal wire that heats up the incubator. The chick seems dry (but not fluffed up yet), but is it...
  4. Bluebee

    *☪*~Ᏺ☉Ꮚʆ~*☪* ✶A Wolf RP✶

    ~Ᏺ☉Ꮚʆ~ A dark furred she-wolf slunk amidst the trees, dark, thick blood smeared on her coat. Her lip was curled, and a soft growl arose from the bottom of her throat, as if daring anyone to jump out at her. With every paw step, the night seemed to grow colder and darker. A small rustle in the...
  5. Bluebee

    ☆☮★ *~Sandstorm495 (Babydoo) and Bluebee's Chat thread!~* ★☮☆(Restart!)

    Hey everybody! Sandstorm495 and I wanted to restart our old chat thread, and here it is! Rules All BYC rules apply No swearing No slaughter talk No inappropriate behavior Please be nice! Please no fighting on the thread. If there is an argument, settle it between PMs Have fun!!! If you...
  6. Bluebee

    ~●~●~☀✰♪★~*Reversed Boys VS Girls (Never Stops!)*~★♪☆☀~●~●~

    Alright, this is how you play. If you're a boy, you count one number up. If you're a girl, you count one number down. And it never stops. You can only post one number at a time. HAVE FUN! 50
  7. Bluebee

    Let's count to 10,000!

    I'll start! 1
  8. Bluebee

    ☆I'll Draw Stuff for You!☆ ツ

    Hello everyone! I really want to improve my drawing/sketching skills, so I decided to make a thread where you guys post a picture/ describe what you want me to draw, and I'll draw it for you! I don't want to get overloaded as I have school, 4H, and many other activities that keep me busy...
  9. Bluebee

    ☆☮★ *~Babydoo and Bluebee's Chat thread!~* ★☮☆

    Hey everybody! So babydoo and I wanted to make a chat thread, and here it is! Rules All BYC rules apply No swearing No slaughter talk No inappropriate behavior Please be nice! Have fun!!! If you break the rules three times, you will be kicked out of this thread. To Join Just tell...
  10. Bluebee

    ~*Protectors of the Mountains*~ A Snow Leopard RPG

    She stood there, next to her mother, and watched the snow fall. It whirled gently down to the ground. As she watched, a mountain goat came into view on the mountain towering in front of them. She gazed at it hungrily. It shivered in the cold, icy winds, and moved on. The young snow leopard lost...
  11. Bluebee

    First time laying, getting two eggs!

    My Silver Spangled Hamburg just laid her first egg a few minutes ago. But when I went out to pick up her egg, there were TWO!!! What do you think?
  12. Bluebee

    Can my chickens catch my cold?

    I woke up this morning with a mild cold. I went out to feed/water my flock, and a question popped into my head- Can my chickens catch my cold? Just curious.... Thanks. Bluebee
  13. Bluebee


    Hello everyone. A few minutes ago I found that one of my 7 month old Silver Spangled Hamburg has a prolapse. She has not layed any eggs yet. I have been reading up on some other threads about what to do, and I heard that honey can help if applied on the area. Anyone know how often to put the...
  14. Bluebee

    What is this? Please help!

    Hello all, This year I ordered 3 chicks - 1 Red Star, ! Black Austrolorp, and 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte. I'm pretty sure that the Wyandotte is a Dark Brahma. But as I was looking through the catalog today, she just didn't look like a Dark Brahma hen or rooster! She is about 6 months old, is not...
  15. Bluebee

    How to set up dusting station? Help!

    Hi! I recently had a chicken mite infestation in my coop. So far, none of the chickens have mites on them, or seem to be irritated. I have sprayed them with pet bird mite and lice protector, and was planning to dust them as well. I have no idea of how to set up a dusting station, and was...
  16. Bluebee

    Looking for a organic way to kill mites

    Hello all! Sadly, my coop has been infected with mites >:( . I am looking for a way to kill them, but heard that Poultry Dust is very toxic. Can't find any other way to kill them a natural way, and was wondering if you had any suggestions. Please help if you can! Bluebee
  17. Bluebee

    Help! Are these mites?

    Hello everyone! I cant figure out if these are mites! I check my chickens very often for lice and mites. But today as I was cleaning the chicken coop, i noticed tiny tiny TINY bugs crawling on the outside of my coop. I checked my chickens, but they seemed to be fine, no mites. Except one of my...
  18. Bluebee

    How much to feed? Please help!!!!!!!!!

    Hello, I had a question about how much to feed my chickens. I have three five month old chickens that just started to lay. I have been giving them 2 scoops of laying feed and 1 scoop of scratch. They are throwing the feed around all over the coop. i am very worried about pests that might come...
  19. Bluebee

    Hi from California!

    Hello everyone! I live in California and just join BYC! I am proud owner of a few fish, 2 guinea pigs, 1 Black Australorp, 1 Red Star, and 1 other chicken that we can't figure out what breed it is (was SUPPOSED to be a Silver Laced Wyandotte ). I will probably get a picture of her and post it...
  20. Bluebee

    How often to clean the run? Please help if you can!

    Hi i had a quick question about how often to clean my run. I have three chickens that live in a A-shaped coop. The size of the run is about 28 sq ft. I clean the run about once a month. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.
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