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  1. TheMotherHen

    Help!!!!! Is is Marek's disease??

    I forgot to mention in the 3 + years this has been on no other hen has had similar problems.
  2. TheMotherHen

    Help!!!!! Is is Marek's disease??

    I have a hen that I suspect has Mareks. When she was around 9 months her legs became paralyzed and I brought her inside to live for 3 weeks. I exercised her legs until she began to kick back and fed her with an eyedropper when she refused to eat. She was outside and doing great for 2 years and...
  3. TheMotherHen

    Hard time coping with loss- Looking for answers

    Don't ever feel silly for loving an animal friend. I have cried my until I thought my eyes would turn inside out over the loss of a beloved pet. The only comfort is the knowledge of having treated our pets like queens (or kings!) and that we loved them and gave them a life most animals...
  4. TheMotherHen

    Comment by 'TheMotherHen' in item 'Leghorn'

    I can always count on mine for breakfast - even in the winter. She is also very chatty and fun.
  5. TheMotherHen


    Thank god for BYC! Yesterday the flies around my run were out of control. There were hundreds buzzing around and It was so loud when I was in there I felt like I was inside a beehive! Serious. I keep the hens extremely clean - pine shavings on the run floor and inside the coop as well and I...
  6. TheMotherHen

    Vent Infection

    What a wonderful and encouraging end to this story. Thankyou, Barry, for the love you have shown to Mrs. Pepperpot. Your story made my day!
  7. TheMotherHen

    please help - very strange dropping/egg mystery

    I sure hope someoneknows the answer. I have learned so much from this forum but this problem stumps me.
  8. TheMotherHen

    please help - very strange dropping/egg mystery

    I would appreciate some help if anyone knows what this is. My auraucauna-leghorn mix (i think) was trying to lay her first egg after a molt the other day and was unable to do so. She was listless and exhausted. That night what appeared to be possibly yolk was on her bum. The next morning I gave...
  9. TheMotherHen

    My Hen won't shut up??!!

    It is probably nothing to worry about. I have a real loudmouth too, while the others are reasonably quiet. I find it irritating when I am doing a big project outside to have to listen to her nagging. I discovered that playing music makes her zip her beak. Yep, she is probably just a drama queen.
  10. TheMotherHen

    City vs. County ordinances

    UPDATE! I do not know the woman who this post was written about but I too live in Maywood Park and I have fought for a change in the ordinance since November (alone, mind you, if any other people owned hens in this neighborhood they hid like cowards!). It was very stressful but I attended many...
  11. TheMotherHen

    Themotherhens Member Page

    We love our chickens! Honey Chiclet Penelope Chiclet Penelope Foxy Honey...
  12. TheMotherHen

    Leg paralysis in hen-sudden onset

    I am very glad to hear your hen is doing good. I had never heard about PEP. Strange! I hope someone can use this great bit of information you have shared. My little Chiclet is still doing good after her bout with paralysis a year and a half ago - her legs tire easily but she is a very happy hen...
  13. TheMotherHen


    Wow! What an impressive chicken wonderland!
  14. TheMotherHen

    How do you feed OATS to chickens?

    I keep dried oats in a watertight container outside all year and when it's time for the ladies to go back home I shake it and toss some on the run floor - they come running home from all directions! It's a great way to trick them into doing what I want. In the winter on very cold days I cook...
  15. TheMotherHen

    [LIST - Over 1,000 names!] Chicken names!

    My sweet Hens - Chiclet Foxy Betty Veronica Penelope Honey-Pie
  16. TheMotherHen

    Messy Chicks!!! Keeping litter dry?

    I used an old sheet set torn into handtowel sized pieces. Several times a day I would remove the soiled ones and put them in a sealed bucket - this really helped cut down on the smell! They soak up any spilled water well and make a soft landing for a sudden chick nap! When the bucket was full I...
  17. TheMotherHen

    Strange Growth - Can anyone tell me what this is please?

    I tried one of my other girls but I guess in my panic I didn't find the right spot - plus she wasn't being as cooperative.
  18. TheMotherHen

    Neighbors Taunt Dying Girl

    That poor little kid. Unbelievable!
  19. TheMotherHen

    Strange Growth - Can anyone tell me what this is please?

    Thank GOD!!!!!!! Oh, you made me so happy! I worry sick over these darn chickens! I was thinking how can I sleep tonight worrying about this mystery bump!??? Cancer? A tick? Some horrible chicken disease I haven't heard of yet?!! Well, Thanks so much for your speedy response! Have a wonderful...
  20. TheMotherHen

    Hen can't walk...

    My Barred Rock Chiclet did this last winter. One day she seemed to lose the strength in her legs and used her wings to drag herself. I brought her inside the house and fed her scrambled eggs and yogurt and a a mixture of tums and vitamin e. I massaged her legs while we watched tv together...
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