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  1. Kev

    Barbezieux trio

  2. Kev

    Setting for the @ coding

    When I joined BYC, was still on dial up speed so I had every options turned off- avatar, sigs etc as those really bogged down download time. Have broadband now.. but apparently there is a new code for tagging people using the "@" I'm guessing it notifies the tagged user, right? Tried going...
  3. Kev

    ISO Golden Pheasant hen

    Looking for a female Golden Pheasant hen in the Inland Empire or northern San Diego county..
  4. Kev

    Barbezieux started cockerels pullets

    Barbezieux cockerels and pullets for sale. They were received as day olds direct from GFF. 50 each. Pullet combs are starting to thicken and color up..
  5. Kev

    Ova Easy vs GQF Sportsman

    I'm looking to get a cabinet type incubator. Ova-Easy and GQF Sportsman keep coming up as top choices. There is a fair price difference between them though. So I'm wondering if the Ova is really worth the extra or should I go with Sportsman as it should work pretty well? Also would like...
  6. Kev

    Feed containers for mother hens with chicks?

    Hi- not sure if this goes here or into the Feeding/Watering section but here goes: I've had to start using chick starter mash instead of gamebird crumbles due to the price constantly climbing up..... I'm discovering some mother hens are MESSY with the mash by "treasure hunting"- digging out...
  7. Kev

    Gender and breed guess please

    I have this chick I'm just not sure of. Guesses? and why is it not growing feathers? The other chicks are growing feathers just fine...
  8. Kev


    So, I tried to garden this year, my first time. Just watermelons, ha! First one planted was 'Sugar Baby'. Much later, unnamed yellow flesh and 'Black Diamond'. My question- how do you tell when they are ready for picking?
  9. Kev

    Molasses in feed?

    Is molasses in chicken feed a common thing? Good or bad thing to have in the feed? The feed mill seems to have quite suddenly changed their 16% layer forumla- had to get new feed today and the layer has a strong molasses smell.. sure enough it has cane molasses. Not thrilled about this...
  10. Kev

    Muscovies with carnculations going down the neck

    I always had loved muscovies. The best personality of all ducks. Well one time I went someplace for peafowl, this lady had one muscovy with the red skin and carncules going all the way down his neck! He was SO COOL....... Double cool-ness of the regular muscovies. He also had larger bare...
  11. Kev

    Mealworms from reptile store- safe for chicks?

    Are they supposed to be 'clean'- no salmonella or cooties that could infect chicks? There's a local store that deals only with reptiles and they get feeder animals in bulk every week(I think). I have no interest/can't raise my own mealworms.... but would like to try giving mealworms to...
  12. Kev

    Incubating with allergies?

    I have a bad allergy to chick/bird dander. I used to have a GQF Sportsman but eventually was forced to sell it due to becoming very sick during and after hatches. Having it in a second bedroom with the door always closed did not help at all. There's no way I can construct an outdoor...
  13. Kev

    Picture copyright infringement related-

    If I found out someone used one of my pictures posted only here for their website or auction and also found out the person is a BYC member, do I also report the member to the Admins? In my case it was a picture used for ebay auction, found out the person is byc user. Already messaged the...
  14. Kev

    Setting eggs for daytime hatches?

    I was asked this and never thought about it: Is it possible to set eggs with the goal of most of them hatching during day time vs night time?
  15. Kev

    Opinions on a wall mounted plastic nest box

    Been wanting to change my nest box set up- covered cat litter boxes on ground to on-wall nest boxes. I've been looking at metal or plastic, don't want to use/make a wood set up. Any opinions or experiences with this nest box? picture from this website...
  16. Kev

    Cats- egg predator?

    Do cats break and eat chicken eggs? Something has been very stubborn about digging under pens to eat eggs.. I have been laying down wire but want to catch this critter(probably skunk) first before doing the whole perimeter. This evening I set a Havahart trap baited with two eggs and some...
  17. Kev

    E base of Greenfire Light/Coronation Sussex?

    Greenfire line of Light and Coronation sussex, what's their E base? e+, wheaten or?
  18. Kev

    Good quality Barred rocks- eggs or local(so. Calif) cockerel/roo

    Interested in barred Duckworth, barred or white Stukel stock eggs OR a local cockerel/rooster. No production/hatchery bred lines, please. Looking to replace a roo that died of old age...
  19. Kev


    Done, hit the wanted goal. Not sure if there's a way to delete this post...
  20. Kev

    Nipple cup drinker system without using a pressure regulator?

    I've just started using nipples installed under a 5 gal bucket. Big fan of it now. I really would like to try out the cup drinkers for peafowl as it seems peafowl and turkeys are not really able to use the nipples. So far everything I see for them use pressure regulators, have not see any...
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