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  1. madamwlf

    Madamwlf's Swap Page #2

    Here is a list of items that I have available for swap: Disney Movies Mulan Finding Nemo Brother Bear Shrek 2 Over the Hedge Cinderella Ice Age BarnYard Cars Bambi Lion King 1 Lion King 1 ½ Lion King 2 Pocahontas The Last Unicorn Happy Feet Toy Story 1 Toy Story 2 Lady and the Tramp The...
  2. madamwlf

    Name My Chickens

    NAME MY CHICKENS CONTEST Hi peeps!!! I want you to meet the newest addition to my little establishment!! They are down right gorgeous and I'm totally in love. If you have not figured out just what they are, let me introduce to you my new Black Barthuhner breeding trio! And oh yes, the hens...
  3. madamwlf

    Paypal/Hatching Eggs/Chicks Swap Rules Page

    DISCLAIMER: BYC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SWAP. BYC is not responsible for egg sent, received or not received. Please do not pm the mod about your eggs. PM me. If you do not receive your eggs I cannot make them send them but will make sure they do not play anymore. Please remember the HATCHING...
  4. madamwlf

    Nye Guess The Hatching Egg Breed

    NYE SWAP'S GUESS THE HATCHING EGG BREED CONTEST Description: Below will be 4 pictures of eggs received from Greenfire Farms (GFF). Each picture represents a different breed that GFF has. Each participant will make one guess as to what breed each egg represents. One entry per person please...
  5. madamwlf

    Madamwlf's Swap Page

    Eggs/Chicks I Owe: 3/5/13 - mzstre - 6+ bantam orp 3/13/13 - thespoiledchicken - 6+ orps (summer) 3/13/13 - caitlin_vt - 6+ orps (summer) 3/13/13 - reesepoultry - 6+ orps (summer) 12/31/12 - chiqita - 6+ White Bresse Chicks (Fall) 2/11/13 - puglady - 9+ choco wyandotte (Summer)...
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