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  1. St3v3n31922

    chicken losing feathers

    my cochin has been losing feathers her her neck area and the coop is a lot of feathers, and there’s no injuries to her, does this mean she’s just shedding if that’s possible?
  2. St3v3n31922

    Chicken went missing?

    when i was on vacation my friend texted me about one chicken going missing, i found a bunch of feathers near their dust bathe spot so what predator would do this? There’s no blood or anything.
  3. St3v3n31922

    Going on vacation are chickens gonna be okay?

    We are going out of the country and i’m worried that the chickens don’t have enough water and food, we have two 50 pound feeders and are filled all the way up, we have one 5 gallon water, a 1 gallon one and a 1.5 gallon one, we house 10 chickens about 10 months old, we can’t find anyone to take...
  4. St3v3n31922


    we have an ant invasion in our coop and whats the best way to get rid of them naturally and not harm my chickens
  5. St3v3n31922

    Chicken attack?

    Again with them posts but y’all one day our chicken was screaming we checked to find out feathers everywhere but then i was like oh she’s fine 3 hours later i was up 3am for the rest of the day due to the chickens being so scared they wanted me to stay, but the chicken that was on the ground...
  6. St3v3n31922

    What killed my ducks?

    Im posting a lot today because i just want to get answers, we had two ducks a girl charlie and a boy dino, due to his massive size one day we caught a raccoon trying to get into the coop, luckily i scared it off until it could harm my ducks, a week or so i don’t know i went to check on them when...
  7. St3v3n31922

    what predator can cause this

    A few years ago we got rid of our chickens, so there was just an empty coop but we bought adult chickens for only meat and she was leaving by herself we gave her a name Roxy once day we notice blood stains on the walls and understand our coop is connected to our run, but Roxy was never harmed in...
  8. St3v3n31922

    Chickens always screaming!

    Everytime i wake up, everytime i try to relax i hear that chicken scream the loud and annyoing one that drives me nuts, my chickens would be doing it walking outside and can anything stop that from making them scream? or when there in their coop they would be screaming NUTS til when i rush to...
  9. St3v3n31922

    Why are my chickens laying here?

    hello so i’m having a little problem with my chickens, the first 3 months they were laying in the nesting box no problem! But now they lay under the coop and our coop they go down a ladder and it’s like a living room for them, to take dust baths and stuff and it’s alittle dark down there because...
  10. St3v3n31922

    Chickens stressed out ?

    This is our 4th day that it was rained and our chickens i think aren’t doing okay, the rain isn’t bad but when a thunderstorm comes the strong rain hits the roof and scares them because the roof for the run is tarp they are currently 2 monthes old and some chickens are 1 month but today when i...
  11. St3v3n31922

    what killed my ducks ?

    So lately we had two ducks in a coop, and one night we saw a raccoon trying to get into the coop, but the raccoon ran off. Skip to a few weeks there was a huge thunderstorm that lasted til 3-4am and in the morning i checked on my ducks i saw one duck eaten to the spine and the other duck dead...
  12. St3v3n31922

    Chickens won’t go out of coop

    our chicken coop has 10 chickens and for the pass days they wouldn’t go out of the coop or there run, today i had some food treats for them and they went out from there coop but once they go outside one chicken makes a noise and they all run in and stay there for minutes frozen, our chicken coop...
  13. St3v3n31922

    Baby Cochin not eating

    We got chickens today and they hatched Monday and we have one cochin that seems like it’s not eating. The food looks too big for it so i crumbled it down to small crumbs and right now it’s doing nothing it’s just sleeping and i didn’t see it drink water or anything. Should i be worried ?
  14. St3v3n31922

    Chicken walking wierd

    For the past two weeks we've been treating a chicken from a predator attack the wound is healing but there's something else wrong with her. She walks like a penguin (before you say she's egg bound she is not I think she's using her tail for balance) we think she broken her wing or something bc...
  15. St3v3n31922

    What predator attacked my chicken?

    I'm honestly suprised I haven't asked this question but we trust our chickens always and travel and come at 9:00pm then close the coop never an attack happened but when we locked them up around 6 pm later on at 4 am we awoke to a deathly scream of an animal and ran outside and open the chicken...
  16. St3v3n31922

    Chicken not going on roost

    This is not that important but find it a bit funny one day I was locking up the chickens and only counted 8 we have 10 one is healing from a attack and the other one unknow where it is. I look up the deck and she was laying on the side of it! Normally she would go in the coop but now she's...
  17. St3v3n31922

    Help Chicken Got Attacked!

    Today around 4am in the morning we woke up to hear one of our chickens screaming. I ran out and saw her stuck between the fences in our run. I opened the coop door and there were feathers everywhere! When I looked at her I looked like she only scratch on her leg but when I picked her up and...
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