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  1. chickenpearl this normal?!

    It may be crazy and gross, but it's normal--I've seen mine do the same thing. Sometimes they will growl when they see mice, but they usually catch and eat them too.
  2. chickenpearl

    What's the earliest age someone has seen a silkie pullet go broody?

    I had one go broody (a splash silkie) at a little over six months. She had just started laying eggs, and it was extremely cold at the time. I took all of her eggs away since it was so cold (in the 0's), but she was pretty determined and tried to sit for about three weeks!
  3. chickenpearl

    Does Your Rooster Do This?

    We have roosters that do that too. I've even run out there in the middle of the night to try to figure out what was wrong, but didn't see anything. Someone here mentioned mice--that might be the culprit in my case. We've caught lots of mice and rats. Sometimes the chickens will even catch...
  4. chickenpearl

    Roosters picking on one hen

    I'm sure someone has asked this before... my roosters seem to want to pick on this one hen in particular--so she is losing feathers and her back looks really bad. The other hens are all fine. Does anybody have any recommendations? I'd hate to isolate her because that would mean she'd be...
  5. chickenpearl

    How many of us own Silkies?

    I have five--one buff, one partridge, one brown/black (?), one blue and one silver (?). I think the first two are roos and the others hens...
  6. chickenpearl

    Silkie hen or roo?

    That bottom pic is definitely a roo; I think the top one might also be a roo, but it's harder to tell. My silkies look a lot like that, but I have two with the comb developing like the one in the bottom pic. Silky gender is REALLY hard to figure out!
  7. chickenpearl

    My pullet is changing colors

    I think that's fairly normal. Most of my chicks have been slowly changing as they mature. Hey, I'm wondering, what kind of silkies do you have (that are in the background there)? I have one that looks like one of those. It was totally black at first, then it's upper neck region started...
  8. chickenpearl

    My Chicks Look Dead!!!

    Yes--kinda scary, isn't it! Especially the way they just sort of fall over. Don't worry, they are okay. Aren't they so cute that way, though!
  9. chickenpearl

    5 week old crowing?!

    Hi! I'm sure they do get louder. I just heard one of my 6 week-olds crowing this morning, too. I was assuming it was one of the Cochins, but now that I see your post, I wonder if it wasn't a silkie. I heard a loud noise coming from the chicks' cage, and after a minute or two, I realized it...
  10. chickenpearl


    Hmm. Very cute chicks! Still may be too soon to tell. The second and third ones look like they might be roosters. You might also try posting these pics in the "what breed or gender is this" section--usually lots of people respond there.
  11. chickenpearl


    I think it really depends on the breed. I could tell with my Cochins at about 3 weeks--some of them had much bigger/redder combs and wattles. I totally cannot tell with my silkies. What kind of chicks are they?
  12. chickenpearl

    Rooster Crowing

    My experience is that roosters are highly variable in their crowing, but it is possible that it's dark enough in the coop that he'll wait to crow. Some roosters don't crow much at all, and some seem to crow all the time (even in the dark). That is a beautiful roo, though. Is he a barred rock...
  13. chickenpearl

    Will they remember me?

    So, on this topic--how do you make sure that the chickens (especially babies) are well cared for when you're gone? We're planning to go away for about 10 days, too (I was also worried about them not remembering me). We are going to ask some of the neighborhood teens (and pay them, but I'm not...
  14. chickenpearl

    Chickens won't come in at night

    Is there a roost inside the henhouse?
  15. chickenpearl

    Does this look right for a Bantam chick?

    My Bantams are 5 weeks old and are much smaller! Here's pic of a partridge Cochin banty for comparison.
  16. chickenpearl

    How Cute is This

    Very cute! I was wondering--what kind of silkie is that (what color), and how old are the chicks in that picture? Thanks!
  17. chickenpearl

    my chicks are going to escape the brooder... can they live outside???

    Marshmallowpeeps, How are your chicks? I had mine outside last night again, and it got down to at least 60 degrees. And I remembered late yesterday that chicks are actually able to self-regulate temps at about 2 weeks, so by 4 weeks, they are pretty independent. Mine always seem so happy...
  18. chickenpearl

    my chicks are going to escape the brooder... can they live outside???

    Are these chicks completely feathered out? At four weeks, they are supposed to be able to keep their own body temps fairly stable. 50's seems a little chilly, but I totally understand--I hated having to keep moving mine in and out all the time (because the chicks really didn't like it!). At...
  19. chickenpearl

    Ideas on these two Bantams?

    Thanks for all the replies! I'm not planning on showing any chickens, so no worries about the Japanese one. She does seem short compared to the OEGB, though. Sometimes I think she has a wry tail, too, but her tail moves back and forth so much that it's hard to tell.
  20. chickenpearl

    Ideas on these two Bantams?

    I got these in an assorted Bantam group. Any ideas? I thought they were a mottled Japanese and maybe OEG, but I'm especially not sure about the brown one. Please let me know what you think! They are approximately 8-9 weeks old, I think. Sorry they are kind of blurry--they wouldn't be still!
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