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  1. Le Mitzer

    Sick DUCK and chicken covered in lice,

    I bought a hooded apricot ranger duck and a faverolle chicken at a poultry show (one month and half ago), and paid 45 euro each, when i brought them home i quarentined them, and have been so ever since ... i notice a couple days later that the faverolle was covered in lice, so I did the DE...
  2. Le Mitzer

    I am a murderer and a terrible breeder

    So i have...HAD seven little button quail chicks and they are a two weeks old. they have been doing great everyone is healthly; everyone is getting along, learning;growning. i have them in a cage i made and it has two sections that i can close independently, one side has the water and play...
  3. Le Mitzer

    Baby buttons PICS

    So i have done it, well actually i didnt do anything... but my pair of chinese quail hatched 7 cute little quailies... and i am very lucky the mother sat on her eggs for the 19 days, and when they hatched the male started to sit on the chicks to keep them warm. i have them outside in a home made...
  4. Le Mitzer

    5 months no egg. do i have four males? PICS

    so i was hoping the experts could help me and tell me what sex they are this one is my favourite she/he eats from my hand where the other three just freak out every time i get near and this ones head is doing much better it is all healed up thank you for your help and just a...
  5. Le Mitzer

    Help and Advice PLEASE

    Ok so i will make long story short. I just got two Red legged Partridges i order from a very expensive farm in the north of france, very well know for the breeding stock " ferme de beaumont" if you have the time i suggest looking around the site they have some great stuff, i had them by...
  6. Le Mitzer

    Blood and swollen eyes (Pictures)

    so i just came back from a little three day trip to find one of my quail with a bloody head and her eye on one side is swollen shut. did she just jump qnd bqng her heqd or is it the start of something if it just a head bonk what should i do? i put antiseptic but any other tips
  7. Le Mitzer


    SO i just ordered two red legged partridge, and they will arrive thursday, and i was going to put them with my quail until i can make then a proper home. but it just dawned on me IS THIS ALLOWED!!!!! will everyone get along? or will the Partridge kill my cute little Quails. should i put them...
  8. Le Mitzer

    something is just not right!!!!!!

    Ok so a couple days ago i lost my rooster for no apperent reason; and now i have found 3 soft shelled eggs, whiwh i know is coming for one specific chicken. what should i do? i have up the dose of oystershells i feed then commercial feed, and veggie treats, aswell as soya protein. it has been...
  9. Le Mitzer

    came home to find a dead rooster!!!!!

    Ok so i just went home for lunch and i found my rooster ' Kramer' lying dead in the buttom of the coop, there was no blood so it wasnt from a fight..... and yesterday he seemed alright. and i check my chickens EVERYDAY, their feet, their eyes their feather, i keep my chicken coop very clean and...
  10. Le Mitzer

    Deep Litter Method in the run????

    OK, so i have decided that im going to put in place the DLM for winter, My coop is three storys and it consists of roosts and nesting boxes, so in side the coop is not an option, but i was thinking that my run could benifit from it. I am consistenly cleaning off chicken poop from the buttom of...
  11. Le Mitzer

    Has anyone ever heard of the breed ' Gris cendré'?

    So i just got a new girl for my flock, and the farmer I brought it off of told me it was a Gris Cendré or as i have learned it is also called " la poule du pêche" because its feathers are use for fly fishing. but i do not know much more. so as of right now my flock consists of 5 chickens and...
  12. Le Mitzer

    Normal Rooster behaviour?????

    Just a few questions..... I just introduced a new rooster and chicken ( coucou de Renne, i think) to my exsisting flock of three. i did the whole watch then for two weeks, nothing strange and looked all healthy, it has been just over a week since they have all been together, and my rooster...
  13. Le Mitzer

    Flock Additions, Need Advice.

    OK, so as of right I own three chickens, two sex lines and One Sussex. im looking at getting a rooster and another hen, what size of rooster should i get; i dont want anything to big that will hurt my girls. is a Bantam Braham Ok? As well as should i be worried that there are Mice now living...
  14. Le Mitzer

    Rooster questions

    Ok so im not going to ask is there a rooster that doesn't crow. But are there any ones out there that are known to crow a bit less and a bit quiter? I have been reading bantams are a bit more quite? I REALLY want to get one. I live in an industrial zone. So upsetting everyone around me is not...
  15. Le Mitzer

    NEWBIE, I need some direction.....

    so i own three chickens presently; and i have been longing at making my flock bigger, and im thinking of adding some Quail to the family..... can they live together in the same house? can they free range? can i clip they wing feather so they dont fly away? is it true they clean up after the...
  16. Le Mitzer

    Housing ducks (Pics)

    So recently i have been thinking about gettin two ducks a hen and a drake..... I have three chickens right now that live in a coop like this ^^ would it be ok for the ducks aswell? would they sleep on the buttom? i have a run that is 30mSq, so with three chickens and two ducks would that be...
  17. Le Mitzer

    ducks and Chickens ????

    Hello I have three chickens right now, and a huge chickend run, 100 foot Sq. So i have been thinking about digging a hole and making a pond and getting a duck..... can they live together???? in the same Coop??? where do ducks live? thanks for your advice
  18. Le Mitzer

    Any Ideas? im thinking Marans

    im thinking Marans but there eggs are not very dark, and i heard that they are known for that.
  19. Le Mitzer

    2 weeks no eggs, limp comb\ droopy eye, and we found some bugs!

    Im sorry if this is not the right section for my question, but im a bit lost here, because i need a cure, but it also has to do with egg problems..... Limp Comb and droopy eye..... I have noticed the last couple days that one of my girl's Comb has fallin to one side and is losing a bit of its...
  20. Le Mitzer

    I had to buy eggs! And I own 3 chickens

    So we were lucky when we got our first two chickens we were getting two eggs a day almost everyday, they were working overtime for us. But when we introduced our newest girl, they stopped laying. I gather this is normal behavour, but things are claming down with the stress of the pecking order...
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