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  1. Cluck-cluck Momma

    First egg

    I have 7 mo old Silverlaced Polish Crested and over past 2 days she's got to where she wants to be right next to me. I've checked her bottom and everything is ok except she feels full back there. Poos are good no fever or anything like that. She's an indoor girl and spends most time following...
  2. Cluck-cluck Momma

    Hen or Rooster

    This is my 7 mo old crested Ittybit and I'm confused as to if I've got a boy or girl? It doesnt crow but hasnt laid egg yet either. I have 4 mo old silkie roo who crowed for first time yesterday and hence my confusion. Also it has no red on comb or wattles
  3. Cluck-cluck Momma


    I have 5 silkie babies that are 3 months and am only sure that one is a Roo but 3 others have the lil bumps behind the 5th toe so am confusedCreamPuff/ RooSilver/?Salem/?Luna/?Shadow/?
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