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  1. JulieNKC

    Cackle turkeys

    Hi! I used to have turkeys, a midget white and lilac colored mutts. For various reasons I sold them a few years ago, but this year I decided to give turkeys another try. I ended up going in half on an order of royal palm poults from cackle with a friend. I'm excited, I've admired rp's for...
  2. JulieNKC

    Call duck hatching eggs 6+

    I am offering 6+ call duck eggs. They are pet quality, mixed color, small, cute, fun little ducks! I have a magpie and gray pied duck with a lightly marked blue Ancona drake, and a gray duck with a blue fawn drake, both are split to pied. Being from mixed colors they also occasionally have...
  3. JulieNKC

    runty duckling

    Hi all! I had two ducklings hatch and seven and a half weeks ago. Momma was a bei, daddy a call. I do line breed my calls, but the parents of these two werent related at all since parents are different breeds sothe ducklings are mutts,lol. The eggs were her first two, so pullet eggs. And momma...
  4. JulieNKC

    Call Duck eggs

    I am done hatching eggs for the year, so before I start sticking these eggs in the fridge I thought I would see if anyone would like some. They are pet quality calls. I have blue and black magpies and snowy, from mixed colors. I've been hatching mostly magpies and bibbed, but have hatched a few...
  5. JulieNKC

    Spot call ducks

    What are spot call ducks? how are they different than snowy call ducks? Does anyone have any pictures or have spot calls? I can't find any info on them at all, and am trying to figure out what my ducks are,lol. They look similar to the only pics I've found of spots, but I can't find enough...
  6. JulieNKC

    Feeding pigeons

    I haven't found anywhere that sells pigeon food. I only have a pair. I feed my ducks and chickens gamebird grower, scratch, and whole oats. Could I pick up some split peas and lentils and mix it with what the other birds get and provide a decent diet for them? What percentage protein should I...
  7. JulieNKC

    New pigeons

    After having ducks, geese, turkeys, and chickens I figured pigeons were the next logical step. So I picked up this pair (most likely 2 girls or 2 boys knowing me) at a swap today. They are inside, since their pen isn't quite all the way done yet, oops. The cage they are in is 2' x 3' x 4' or...
  8. JulieNKC

    What color are my turkeys?

    This is my tom and hen. They are blue slate mixes . What color would they be considered, and do you think their babies will look like them? They are about 4 months old or so, hatched at Easter. Just for fun, this is the little guy about 3 months ago. And after hatching.
  9. JulieNKC

    Pics of my poults

    Just wanted to show off my poults. They are almost 6 weeks old, hatched for the easter hatch. I think I have a boy and 2 girls. One struts constantly, the other 2 never. When can I be more certain about their gender?
  10. JulieNKC

    Feather sexing question

    All my chicks are fully feathered except ugly duckling here. Does that mean he carries the slow feathering gene? If I keep him and pair him with my girls who feathered in quick will the chicks be feather sexable? Really don't want another roo, but if I can get sexable chicks I might just keep him.
  11. JulieNKC

    Help sexing my EE

    Hi, I need some help with my EE. They are 5-6 weeks old except for one, who is 7-8. This is Chuckie, who thought she was a duck and now thinks she's a turkey. She's the oldest, and I'm thinking girl. This is Chipmunk 1 and I'm thinking girl? She's also the smallest. This is Blue. Boy? This is...
  12. JulieNKC

    Goose feather question

    I have a pair of either roman tufted or embden geese. Not sure what they are, I ordered roman tufted but these guys seem big and non tufted and more embden like to me, so any opinions on that would be appreciated too, lol. Ideal has been nice about it and also believes they are embdens and...
  13. JulieNKC

    What will my poults look like when they grow up?

    I hatched some poults for the Easter hatch. I bought them from an auction on here as blue slate / royal palm mixes. Since they are mixes(at least f2 I believe the parents are the mixes) I'm not sure if they'll look like the parents or what? Just out of the incubator Yesterday I'm guessing I...
  14. JulieNKC

    Internal layer laying again? -Graphic pics

    I have a RIR I got last february. She was an adult, at least a year old when I got her, so not sure of her exact age. She laid beautiful speckled decorated eggs for a few months, then stopped in early summer. She had what I believe was sour crop a month or so after stopping laying, but recovered...
  15. JulieNKC

    Got my goslings today!

    I am finally a goose owner. My pair of roman tufteds got here today! I am so excited, they are such sweet little babies. Is the darker one the girl?
  16. JulieNKC

    Call duck hatching emergency

    I am on day 29 with call ducks. This guy internally pipped over a day ago. I was starting to help him out just a few hours ago, and pulled his head out a bit and there are 2 yolks in there. Do you think there is another duckling or is something else wrong? What do I do from here? Keep helping or...
  17. JulieNKC

    How do I find a processor?

    Hi. I'm in the Kansas City area. I have a drake I'd like to take to be processed. How do I find a processor, and will they just take one bird? I don't want to do it myself. I've done chickens and I hate plucking them, I won't even try with a duck.
  18. JulieNKC

    MIdget white turkey hen

    I have a midget white turkey hen I would like to sell. She was hatched last spring. Sweet bird, friendly, raised around ducks and chickens. I have just decided not to raise turkeys and would like her to go to a home with others of her own kind. I am willing to consider trades for ornamental...
  19. JulieNKC

    MIdget white price

    I am thinking of selling my lone little midget white turkey hen. She's about 9-10 months old. I feel bad for her because she is an only turkey, lol. I've decided not to get more turkeys, I'm afraid they may pick on my other birds. I have no clue what to ask for her though, what would be a fair...
  20. JulieNKC

    Hawk killed my duck

    This morning a hawk killed and was eating my full grown khaki campbell duck. My yard is around 2 acres. The back and fence line are fairly heavily wooded. There are a few brush piles in the yard I leave for the chickens to play on and hide in. They also hang out quite a bit of the time under our...
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