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  1. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Sexing question for easter eggers to barred hens

    1. Barred rocks can be feathers sexed right? Because hens feather quicker than roos in this breed? 2. So im wondering if easter egger roo to barred rock hens or copper maran hens can be feather sexed? Wing feathers. I have some hatching today. The roo is barred but is reddish orange. ...
  2. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Privet hatchery mixed chicks

    So these are from a feaathered leg collection. Im thinking they are different duccles and brahmas but wondering if anyone thinks any are cochins, besides the obvious frizzle in the group. I think they are mostly porcelain duccles because, they have puffy cheeks, do cochin chicks have puffy...
  3. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    what am I?

    This guy, i kept thinking was a silver lakenvelder but now im wondering because the pics online dont seem to have laced neck feathers in the males. So I did more research and think hes a silver leghorn? Anyone opinions? Hes rather large, about twice the size of the lakenvelder hens in the pics...
  4. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Pics of butchered corn x with very weird skin! Safe to eat?

    Butchered this corn x yesterday, as I was plucking I noticed its very strange skin! It looks like different colored patches but it was actually more like it was patches of super thin skin that I could see through. And visible thin veins. I skinned it and the meat seems fine but I'd like to know...
  5. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Salmon faverolles rooster or something else?

    3 months old. I honestly have no idea what this is, but I had got a group of salmon faverolles and one turned into this, so unless its a breed that just got in the wrong bin, its a faverolle Rooster right? It looks like a dark brahma too I think...
  6. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Ameraucana? Tons of pics to help identify.

    Hi, I bought these as chicks, the guy said the parents were: a black ameraucana and a brown, (I think the brown was the hen, and the black the roo, but can't remember for sure...) As far as I can tell , they meet the breed standards for a true ameraucana, but I'd like to get some more...
  7. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Is there a way to cause broodiness?

    I always hear about how to break broody hens, but sometimes i find a pile of wild eggs, (from my peacocks or turkeys ) or like now i want to hatch more coturnix quails out, not in an incubator though, i didnt have too good of success incubating quail eggs. So is there any way you can cause...
  8. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    What to do with extra male gambels quail

    So earlier this year i hatched out 6 gambels quail, they are almost 10 weeks old now. well turns out 4 of them are males, they have not started fighting or pairing off with the 2 females yet, but im beginning to wonder whats the best thing to do with them. There's reasons to not just release...
  9. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Lots of questions about making sex link bantams

    Lots of questions! A. Do the normal rules for making sex links found here apply to bantams? And, if anyone feels like reading this huge list, B. does anyone know if any of these would make sex link or even feather link...
  10. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Coturnix quail, what color type? Male or female?

    I am fairly new to quail. I hatched these out they are 4 weeks old when I took the pics last week, today the colors havent changed at all. I could easily tell the difference in the ones with solid golden chests and the spotted chests, but these ones are muddled. They turned 5 weeks yesterday and...
  11. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Unknown breed chicks from privet

    I got some extra chicks from privet, anyone know what they are? they are not bantams. I'm just being lazy I could easily look up what chicks they carry and google! First chick Second chick:
  12. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Gambels quail babies! With pics

    Just have to share my excitement! my grandpa cut the field of alfalfa early one morning and we found a nest of eggs, waited til that night, but the hen never showed, it's by my sister's house so she watched them all day and then in the evening showed up at my house with 9 eggs. I candled them...
  13. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Mystery tiny eggs found in field, what are they?

    Ok, found 4 feet up in Johnson grass, barely attached in a small branch of the grass, as we were weed eating the garden by an alfalfa field, in desert southwest, in new mexico, saw them fall to the ground as the grass got weed eated, (ate?) the grass was about 6 or 7 feet tall and in big thick...
  14. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Confused about bantam breed

    4 month old bantam, I will try to get some pics of her standing tomorrow, since she just wanted to roll into a ball practically while I held her for these pics. She usually holds her long tail upright. I was thinking maybe a silver duckwing old english game or something like that? (She stands...
  15. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    New baby coturnix quail with pics

    Hi, I have just hatched out 4 coturnix quail, three are doing great, one- the last one to come out of his egg, is weak so I don't know if he will make it or not. They are the cutest little things ever! Three hatched this morning at 7 to 9am, and the last one around 1pm. I put them in the...
  16. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Help identify this mystifying chick please!

    This little chick started out slow, much slower than the others, got him in a mixed batch of bantams at tractor supply, when his friends outgrew him I put him in with the younger bantams I had bought, then he quickly flourished and all of a sudden was huge! So maybe the other birds had been...
  17. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Help identify these bantams with feathered feet

    These are 3 weeks old now, I bought them from tractor supply which sells their bantams mixed of course! I'm not sure what they are. Now that they are 3.5 weeks old they are starting to look alot different then before.
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