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  1. hurleygirlie05

    Puffy Cheeked Ameraucana

    I just love how different Ameraucanas can look. Some have cheeks that are puffier than others and all lay wonderful Easter colored eggs. This is one of my hens. She is very sort of a loner in my flock and always curious as to what I am up to. Every morning she joins me in the milk shed when...
  2. hurleygirlie05

    Chicken Shoes

    So I did a 30 Day Photography Challenge last year. I did it with my teaching partner and we had so much fun we decided to do a Spring one. Each day, for 30 days, there is a different topic which you are supposed to photograph. Today's challenge was shoes. I decided to take a picture of my...
  3. hurleygirlie05

    Baby Chickens

    My husband went to pick up our 16 new baby chicks (Brown Leghorns, Americaunas and RIR's) with my daughters. My 20 month old daughter and 3 1/2 year old daughter are in LOVE and have been saying CHICKIES and telling everyone we come across about them for the past three days straight!! I...
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