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  1. danielley101215

    Young turkey poult with strange neck issues???

    hey!! I work out at my boyfriends house and get paid to take care of their livestock and their poultry. They have a bunch of chickens and turkeys and stuff, and they just recently acquired 4 baby bourbon red turkey poults, about a week maybe a week and a half old. Three of them are totally fine...
  2. danielley101215

    Young Turkey poult with strange neck problem??

    hey!! I work out at my boyfriends house and get paid to take care of their livestock and their poultry. They have a bunch of chickens and turkeys and stuff, and they just recently acquired 4 baby bourbon red turkey poults, about a week maybe a week and a half old. Three of them are totally fine...
  3. danielley101215

    Turkey with returning sour crop?

    Hey everyone. I have a turkey that I posted a thread about maybe like 6 months ago? Who had a big crop which was sour/ possibly pendulous. She ended up somehow getting better on her own I never treated her for it I just kinda left her and she used to eat seed (only eats all flock crumble now...
  4. danielley101215


    I have female turkey who has had a nasty back end for a bit her underneath feathers way down have been clumped with mud and poo and I’ve not been the best with keeping up with them or trimming them but it never affected her vent. For the last maybe 3 days or so I haven’t seen any normal...
  5. danielley101215

    Goose egg price!?!

    I May start trying to advertise my goose eggs to sell some extra eggs, I have only one female goose but she just started laying for the first time and she’s laying pretty often and I’m allergic to eggs so I really can’t eat too much. How much do you think half a dozen could for so 6 in total?
  6. danielley101215

    How much could a dozen duck eggs go for?

    hey!! So I have 6 laying females and i also found out that I am allergic to eggs in general, more towards waterfowl eggs so I’ve had a bit abundance of my ducks eggs! :confused: I love them they are amazing and so good, but I just can’t eat them too often only on occasion with an Epi pen on hand...
  7. danielley101215

    Female turkeys that have had a cough for months???

    I have two female turkeys that I’ve had forever that are two years old, they have had coughs for a while now and they get runny noses occasionally too but mainly at night while laying down and while it’s colder. One of the females whose name is Peep (the other is Ebony she’s not as bad as Peep)...
  8. danielley101215

    What age do white Chinese female geese start laying??

    hello! I’ve had two white Chinese ganders for about a year and a half, so obviously have had no eggs from them, but this April I took in a baby white Chinese goose, and raised it up, and luckily it ended up being my female goose :) so I was very excited I finally got a female out of her, I know...
  9. danielley101215


    Two baby birds fell out of one of my trees and we are trying to care for them. What kind of bird is this? We have no clue what they are. Sorta have weird beaks, the few feathers they have are like a brown / gray color. What kind of bird is this? Please answer soon.
  10. danielley101215

    Female Turkey with crop issues???

    so I have a female Turkey who is about a year and half old who has been having issues with her crop for a little while, probably a couple months. She used to live with my boyfriend so he didn’t really handle the situation due to not knowing what it was, but she recently was brought to live with...
  11. danielley101215

    Male Turkey with gapeworms? Need help with treatment.

    Hello! I currently have a blue slate/ lavender Tom who’s a year and a couple months old, that I believe has gapeworm. He has lost a lot of weight over the last two and a half months (this is how long he’s been doing awfully and exhibiting symptoms). He coughs and gapes and gasps for air like...
  12. danielley101215

    Hatching duck eggs, Pekin fertility

    I tried to incubate and hatch my three female ducks eggs and I didn’t get anything that developed after even two weeks. So I am re trying again with my freshest 20 eggs from the three of them. My three females are a khaki Campbell, blue Swedish, and welsh harlequin duck. My drake is a big white...
  13. danielley101215

    Frizzle serama rooster in the winter?????

    Hello!!! You may know me very well for my ducks and turkeys. But I also have chickens, including bantams and a couple seramas. My serama rooster is a handsome little fizzle. Right now where I live it gets to be about 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. He has no heat source nor does the hen he...
  14. danielley101215

    Has anyone bred Pekin and welsh harlequin ducks together??

    i want to breed my Pekin drake with my welsh harlequin female duck eventually. Anyone have pics and thoughts on the mix!!!??
  15. danielley101215

    Worried about my geese acting out

    So I have two white Chinese ganders. No females. And they live in a big pen with two of my two female ducks. I have a drake and another female duck, but they have been in isolation for two plus months now recovering from severe bumblefoot. They are almost ready to go back in the big pen with the...
  16. danielley101215

    Do white Chinese geese live in the wild too?

    I have two white Chinese ganders as pets. But today my boyfriend and I went to the park, and there was a pond and there are wild Canadian geese that live there but there was a couple white Chinese and some other domesticated looking breeds? They live in the wild too?
  17. danielley101215

    Help! Gender of my two 5-6 month old white Chinese geese

    I've posted about them and their gender on here before but didn't really know or get responses. We want a female for sure. We think we either have a pair or two of same gender whether that be goose or gander. Here's a video of them where they were all alert when I went in their pen. Please help...
  18. danielley101215

    My drakes foot is ALWAYS bleeding??!

    I have a handsome male duck named Aflac! He's a very heavy white Pekin drake. It's always his right foot too, NEVER his left. None of my other ducks have this issue. And it's been this way for months, he waddles around and is clumsy because he's heavy but is this the reason his foot always...
  19. danielley101215

    Is this good for turkeys that have fowlpox?

    As you may know, I have two turkeys that currently have had fowlpox for a week going on two. There isn't any super nasty huge sores but a lot of little ones all over their necks wattles head and some on my toms snood. They seem to be doing pretty well, just trying to keep it from spreading and...
  20. danielley101215

    Help, my tom and hen have fowlpox?? :(

    My tom Shadow for the past few days now has been getting little sores and bumps on his neck and head a tiny bit and his snood, and just starting today my hen has a few now. I'm guessing it's fowlpox though I really don't want it to be?:( I hate when anything happens to my babies and the thought...
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