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  1. bev219

    Silkied Seramas

    Have Silkied Seramas available as pairs, all are 2011 hatch. I am NPIP certified and shipping is available.
  2. bev219

    Bantam Splash Cochins

    Have 2 trios of Bantam Splash Cochins available. They can also be bought as one unit -2 cocks/4 hens- as they are all penned together. The price is buy is now, each trio is $25.00. I am NPIP certified and can ship but it would take 2 boxes for 3 birds. I'm located in OHIO. Thanks for looking!
  3. bev219

    Frizzled Mottled Cochins

    Have available a Frizzled Mottled Cochin cock for $20.00 or some young frizzled chicklets for $10.00. I am NPIP certified and can ship. Email to: [email protected] or Call: 419.733.7111.
  4. bev219


    Have some Seramas available.........smooth and frizzled. I am NPIP certified and can ship weather permitting. tks, beverly
  5. bev219

    "Flock" of Seramas

    Have a "flock" of Smooth Seramas available. There is 1 cockeral and 4 pullets. I also have Frizzled Seramas of either sex if you wish to add one of these birds to your little "flock". I am NPIP certified and shipping is available if weather is favorable.
  6. bev219

    d'Uccle Millie Fleur Chicks and Seramas

    Have d'Uccle Millie Fleur chicks = $10.00 for 3 and Smooth and Frizzled Seramas of different ages. I am NPIP certified and can ship. tks!
  7. bev219

    Frizzled Serama

    Anyone out there looking for a Frizzled Serama? I have several available. Shipping is available and I am NPIP certified. beverly
  8. bev219

    Pair Bearded Silkies

    Have available a pair of PQ Silkies. Color variation is why I call them pet quality but the type is good. The cock is blue and the hen is splash. I am NPIP certified. Pair has been sold! THANKS for the inquiries!
  9. bev219

    Serama Chicks

    Have available Smooth Serama chicks - $5.00 each ~ various colors - delivery possible depending on location ~ my location Auglaize County, OHIO.
  10. bev219

    Ohio ~ Trio Standard Cochins

    Have a trio of Standard Splash Cochins. Hens are just starting to lay. NPIP Certified. Shipping would take big boxes. I have pictures, just can't get them on here. Thanks! OHIO
  11. bev219

    WTB Blue Silkie

    Looking for a Bearded Blue Silkie cock bird? beverly
  12. bev219

    Bearded Silkie Black Pullet

    Have 2 Bearded Black Silkie pullets available. They are just starting to lay. The price of $25.00 is for each bird. I am NPIP certified and can ship. The shipping cost could be less depending on your zip code. I charge only actual USPS cost. There will be a $10.00 box charge. Also, could...
  13. bev219

    Button Quail Cage

    Have a Button Quail or cage for other small birds for sale. It is 48" long and has 3 compartments. Each compartment is 11" wide by 11" tall and each has a pull out tray. There is an escape guard so that when you pull the tray out the birds cannot escape. The wire is 1/2" by 1" and it has no...
  14. bev219

    Bantam Araucanas

    I have available 5 true Bantam Araucanas. You can leave a message "here" or email me at: [email protected] tks, beverly
  15. bev219

    Bearded Blue Silkies In Ohio

    I have 9 and most are pullets. This is unusual but I don't think I see 2 ckls. I can ship and am NPIP certified (OH-362). My email is [email protected] tks, beverly in OHIO
  16. bev219

    Standard Splash Cochins

    Anyone out there that has Standard Splash Cochins? Plus maybe a Standard Blue pullet? tks, beverly in OHIO
  17. bev219

    Young Bearded Silkies In Ohio

    Have young white, blue and possibly black Bearded Silkies available in OHIO. Would consider shipping depending on the weather temps. I am NPIP. beverly
  18. bev219

    Young Button & Coturnix Quail In Ohio

    Have some young Button and Coturnix Quail "chicks" available. Should start laying in a few weeks. tks, beverly
  19. bev219

    Button Quail In Ohio

    Have 16 Button Quail available reasonable in OHIO. Eight adult birds and eight 4-5 week old "chicks". beverly
  20. bev219

    Button & Coturnix Quail Available In Ohio

    Have some Buttons laying and some young Buttons available. Have Black Tuxedo and Red Tuxedo Coturnix available. tks, beverly
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