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  1. seminolewind

    silkie roo chatter

    My silkie roos "talk" constantly. I know the "I found food" noise, but I wish I could know what other sounds mean. Ideas?
  2. seminolewind

    3 barred rocks, three buff orpingtons,3 Houdans-all 3 week old pullets

    Ordered too many. Real cuties. $4 each or $30 for all
  3. seminolewind

    Help identify these growths on roo's comb (pics)

    Any idea? I have never seen this before.
  4. seminolewind

    Hen being outcasted? Pecked on?

    I have a Faverolle hen that's 6 years old. (white, of course) Never had problems. Now this bantam I have pecks her and mounts her then the rooster mounts her then the bantam pecks her some more. It's become so frequently that she hides all day, which means poor access to food and water. I...
  5. seminolewind

    POLL about Marek's

    This may not end up being accurate but it's a start. Thanks for participating
  6. seminolewind

    Cracked corn feed bag problem

    I just bought a bag of cracked corn and noted it to have a large oil stain on the side, and inside the bag was some black chunks. They look fibrous and do not smell bad. Is this something from processing or something bad?
  7. seminolewind

    Who gets their Drinking water Delivered?

    I think my water taste funny. On occasion it's a bit sulpher-y. Common down here. But now my ice tea is a bit sulpher-y smelling. Is water delivery expensive?
  8. seminolewind

    RCOM 10- Newest model just out

    Newest model for 10 eggs. I did squeeze 12 in there because I figured 10 would hatch. Brand new used once. Need a bigger hatcher. Temperature is steady and can be changed. Automatic turning or you can turn manually without removing the lid. An egg candler that works great. You can set the...
  9. seminolewind

    Who's a Joe Kenda fan?

    I love his very dry sense of humor . I tape them all.
  10. seminolewind

    Rcom Pro 10 Incubator - new model from Rcom- Pics added

    I got a new model called a pro 10. It's kind of dome shaped and holds 10 regular eggs or more smaller ones. Auto temperature. Auto humidity-except my house humidity is 50% and I have this incubator set for 30%, and I can't get it lower than 45%. But that's normal. It also has a setting for...
  11. seminolewind

    My experience with Incubator Customer service

    I had an RCOM incubator that needed no fussing. It was set and forget. I had to sell it last year due to unemployment. So I'm stuck using this Styrofoam that fluctuates from 99.5 to 99.9, which is driving me nuts. I have 3 thermometers and 2 hygrometers. So I ordered another RCOM, and...
  12. seminolewind

    7 Toulouse/American Buff Goose Hatching eggs

    I have 2 pair of geese together. A pair of Toulouse and a pair of American Buff. Both geese are laying. I can't say what type will hatch. 7 eggs . Shipping is $12.00.
  13. seminolewind

    Help with Bandaging

    My hen has a high broken leg and the vet folded her leg up and put a bandage on holding the leg next to her body. But she keeps climbing out of it. I don't know how to keep it on her. Any ideas?
  14. seminolewind

    Is tubing helpful or prolonging the inevitable

    The vet said that my chicken broke her femur/near hip. Her leg has so far gone from limp to she can pull it up. She's happy, eating and drinking..........and her stool is runny and that dreaded bluish green. Not eating enough. Should I tube? Today she just flicked all the pellets out of the...
  15. seminolewind

    Building Panels

    I've been thinking about building 4x8 panels by 2x4 frame with hardware cloth nailed on, ahead of time and then making a coop/run from it. Anyone do it that way?
  16. seminolewind

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?? Want to Practice???

    Answer the previous question, then ask a question (in German). Corrections welcome! Ich bin in New York geboren. Wohor kommen sie?
  17. seminolewind

    The Brownies

    Came to visit daughter and 3 grandkids. My daughter and I take one granddaughter to her lesson. The other one calls on the phone and asks if she can make brownies. My DD says sure. Granddaughter calls back and says there are no eggs. I say I brought you 2 goose eggs. DD looks at me like...
  18. seminolewind

    When is it time to face reality?

    Hubby has been battling ulcerative enteritis for a year. In that year he has gone down hill to the point that he sleeps all the time and only gets up to go to the bathroom. He won't listen to me because he "trusts" his doctor. He gets the chills real bad every evening. I think he needs...
  19. seminolewind

    Darn that Murray McMurray catalog!!!!!

    Years ago it was the seed catalogs. Now it's Murray McMurray sending out it's catalog at the perfect time when it's cold and not much to do. On top of that, they now have a selection of real honest to goodness reading books!!!!
  20. seminolewind


    I've read that Probiotics are good to give following antibiotics. But for how long? Can they need them for life as a preventative? Or just after an illness?
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