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  1. sonew123

    Cream Crested Legbar eggs 35+ eggs!!!

    Hi everyone!! I have not sold eggs on here in a very long time because I took a nice long break and cut my bird numbers in half. I have been so busy with children in high school and college now:) I was collecting these eggs for the past 6-7 days to blow out to make Xmas ornaments..( getting...
  2. sonew123

    CHICKEN TATTOO is finally off my bucket list

    I've been saying this for a few years, I'm going to get one. Not sure which one or where but when it hits me...It's on!!! So my daughter turned 18 ..She had been begging me for a tattoo for 2 years. I held her off as long as I could. Afterall, she is in college away from home...straight...
  3. sonew123


    After much thought and angst...I've decided to let two 4 month old roosters go;(...I winterize alot of breeders together for warmth and convenience and i only have 1 lav orp female to go with one and i dont NEED the splash marans roo...4 roosters and 17 hens is proving way too much for the girls...
  4. sonew123

    Recalibrating my 40dx brinsea incubator NEED HELP

    Hi guys, This hatching season has been a nightmare for me...ive gotten around 150 eggs and hatched 11 chicks...9 of which are roosters!!!! I have been going crazy trying to figure out what the heck is wrong!! About 10 days ago I figured out the brinsea 20 ( that doesnt show temp) was running...
  5. sonew123

    UPDATED 2nd Annual Sharkie Chickenstock NY 12989 Saturday JUNE 1 2013 10-3pm

    I had to start a new thread to be able to update and or edit because the old thread wont allow me...PLEASE COME BACK TO THIS 1 st post for all chickenstock updates!!! I expect around 100 folks off and all all day... IF you are donating anything or drinks me...
  6. sonew123

    Mary kay eye makeup remover

    Yup thats what Im looking for...I was a consultant for years...but no longer buy huge almost out of makeup remover..the oil free in the pinkish clear bottle...anyone hear an old consultant that wants to sell me some? I can get it all over the internet but always choose to ask...
  7. sonew123

    BIN SALE 18 BBS marans eggs ship included

    I will have an 18 pack of eggs for a BIN price with shipping included! I used to offer 12+ for this price with extras...but now Its easier for me just to say you will get exactly 18 eggs no extras as they are already included! lol have 1 BCM roo and 1 Blue CM roo over 6 BCM hens and 4 Blue...
  8. sonew123

    Thought Id throw everyone a loop new avatar photo hah

    What do you think I've already gotten a few boohs!!! It's messing with two many people's heads! Lol me and my two teenager 14-17!
  9. sonew123


    YUP!!! Thats right....Were doing it again...I know its early but Im putting the date out there for people to keep in mind :D first weekend in June!!!! My DH and I are starting early and making nesting boxes to sell and give away in the raffles!!! More details will come!!! :P I will update...
  10. sonew123


    Anyone have a good dehydrator just taking up space they want to sell??? Im looking into excaliber ones but if someone has one they want to sell...give me a pm with photos and price?
  11. sonew123

    Ball/Kerr canning jAr printable coupons help?

    Can someone help me and post a workable link that I can print the buy 2 cases and get 3$ off please? I've been searching all day and I know there out there somewhere I just can't find them;(.
  12. sonew123

    Splash cochin eggs

    This is way more difficult than I thought it would be to find! I would love to add just splash cohins to my egg layers....I love the big fluffy girls and have blues and blacks but really would love just some splash! Ive tried hatching 3 rounds of eggs from BBS pens from different folks but...
  13. sonew123

    6+ White Ameraucana eggs

    Ive been keeping these all to myself for hatching all season but the time has come that I have enough and my bator is full...:D you will recieve 6+ sent on Tuesday june 5th. The group is less than a year old and just the sweetest most lovable birds...even the roo loves to snuggle...just look...
  14. sonew123

    12+ Tolbunt mixed eggs

    They are all laying again after 4 months of molting and broodiness...its finally over! :P Tolbunt smooth roo over olive eggers ( marans x ameracaunas) and birchen marans This auction is for 12+ Tolbunt MIXED eggs!!! Usually 13-16 eggs my paypal account at [email protected] gets...
  15. sonew123

    Splash Lf cochins or bantam cochins

    Hi all...Im looking for JUST splashes...EITHER LF or bantam cochins... I have friend who I will be getting eggs from in a month or so and they are BBS..but I would like to arrange 1 more set of eggs to go with them;) NOTHING but splashes. Anyone help? let me know what you have with photos and...
  16. sonew123

    Madrid NY chickenswap at TSC May 6 th whose going?

    Hi...just found out about this one and Im going...anyone else going? Ill be bringing lots of chicks for sale.. Also a white ameraucana roo 7 months old...I have two..only need one;( I love them both as they are very sweet boys! Also a millie fluer cochin bantam roo Again have two;( need...
  17. sonew123

    10+ Tolbunt mixed eggs BIN

    I have two Tolbunt roos, one smooth one frizzled over olive egger hens and marans...those girls hatched out with my Tolbunt hens so I left them all together to prevent the few Tolbunt hens I have from getting overmated...This auction is NOT for Tolbunt eggs....sorry :( I will Ship these eggs...
  18. sonew123

    BURNT BOSS would you feed them to your birds?

    Weird question..I know...BUT at my job we autoclave BOSS and give as extra environmental enrichment...extra protein..prevents of my employees accidently forgot to unload 50 pounds of it and it sat in a hot autoclave all weekend...I tasted it and bleah! But...
  19. sonew123

    11 BLRW eggs ( exactly 11)

    I was asked to put up another auction for these as it's been a long time and they all went broody/molted a few months ago-I have exactly 11 eggs-no extras...( unless I missed one this am and I will check one more time before shipping when I get home from work....These will go out today if...
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