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  1. Rysktal

    Duck egg- peeping for days

    Hi! I have a chicken sitting on one duck egg. I have been hearing peeping and scratching from inside the egg since day 27. It's now day 32 and still no external pip. I am not sure what breed of duck the egg is, could be Pekin, Rouen or Muscovy or a mix! Do I need to assist in anyway? I...
  2. Rysktal

    What animals on 1 acre?

    Hi everyone :) I am about to move onto 1 acre with my husband and 4 sons. We currently have a dozen chickens, 2 dogs and 2 cats and plans to get a couple of ducks (for pet status) soon. I have been dreaming of getting goats or sheep (for milk and/or fibre) but as we get closer to moving date...
  3. Rysktal

    Best breed for eating flies and bugs?

    Last year I had Muscovy ducks and they were awesome little fly eaters. I would like to get ducks again this year (to keep as pets this time) and would love some that are great at eating flies. Are all ducks excellent at this or should I get some muscovies again?
  4. Rysktal

    Rooster doesn't like Barred Rocks

    Hi! I have a black Amerauacana cockerel that I got specifically to go over my barred rock ladies so I can hatch sex linked chicks. I have 7ish BR and 7ish barnyard mixes. Wouldn't you know it, he has a strong preference for my barnyard mixes, I rarely see him mount the barred rocks. I've...
  5. Rysktal

    Sex and is it pure lavender Orpington?

    This little one is almost 8 weeks old. His comb and wattles have been the same size and colour since 4 weeks. His hatch mates (various mixed breeds) are easily identifiable as male or female now. These are the best pictures I can get, lol! It's been so wet out, he does have a bit of...
  6. Rysktal

    When Broody is also lowest in the pecking order...

    Can we talk about that? I'm curious what your experiences have been when the lowest hen in the pecking order hatches and raises chicks. My first broody experience was with my alpha hen and she was a fierce mama who had her babies integrated into the flock right away. Now I have my lowest in...
  7. Rysktal

    How many hens through the winter?

    How many hens would I need to hopefully get 6ish eggs a day throughout the winter? (I will have a light on them as well) Thanks!
  8. Rysktal

    When older hens stop laying...

    What was it like when your older hens stopped laying? I have 2 red sex links, ages unknown. (Last summer I was told they were old and their previous owner didn't think they were laying). This summer one of them stopped laying for a whole month and now only lays one or two eggs a week. Her...
  9. Rysktal

    Pressure Canning!

    Hi everyone!! I'm really excited and kind of relieved that my husband agreed that buying a pressure canner instead of a second freezer is the way to go this year. If all goes well we will have 40ish birds (chicken and duck) to process come harvest season. I am dreaming of jars of ready to eat...
  10. Rysktal

    Possible Chantecler genes?

    Bare with me as I am trying to find some good candidates from my existing flock to be our second rooster. (Haha can't believe I will have a large enough flock to need 2! :oops:) This 9 week old here comes from a neighbor's farm, my first batch of "mixed breed" chicks. My neighbor has spoken...
  11. Rysktal

    Are these ameraucana or EE?

    *Not my photos* These two are on my local chicken group to be rehomed. They are labeled americauna. Are they? Thanks!
  12. Rysktal

    Fluffy Mixed Breed

    I know this is a mixed breed and I'll never know for sure what the mix is, but s/he's the only chick out of my 22 that is becoming fluffier as his feathers grow in! S/he also has feathers starting to grow on their legs and feet. 2.5 weeks old. What breeds are fluffy?!?
  13. Rysktal

    Can I see your Australorp mixes?

    Hi everyone! I have some beautiful mixed breeds growing up right now. A bunch of them are from an australorp hen and the rooster is questionable, lol. I would love to see your Australorp mixed breeds! This one is my buddy ♡
  14. Rysktal

    Muscovy Ducks as pets and throughout the winter

    I currently have 20 muscovy ducks, most of them are for dinner but of course, a couple are quickly reaching "pet" status :love What would be the ideal way to house 3 hens and possibly a drake Muscovy throughout the winter. Atlantic Winter, I should specify. In the spring, I'm imagining the...
  15. Rysktal

    A rainbow of Muscovies

    I took some new pictures of my muscovies, I see so many different colours coming in! I love the barring coming in on her wings, so subtle and so pretty! Carunkles starting to grow! I will keep this thread updated as they grow. We plan on keeping 4 or 5 of them. How do...
  16. Rysktal

    Old Roo, New Roo...when and how to switch them

    So grateful for this community! My current rooster is awesome, he is protective of his ladies and doesn't attack us humans, he courts his hens with beautiful dances and keeps everyone in line. The problem is...I don't like his genes and don't want them passing down into my flock. He is half...
  17. Rysktal

    Pure heritage breeds vs. Mixed heritage breeds

    I am loving BYC, so nice to have people to talk chickens with ♡ In your opinion/experience, is it better to have a pure flock or a mixed one? I'm trying to plan out my winter flock and right now most of my chickens are either pure Barred Plymouth Rock or barnyard mixed heritage breeds (the...
  18. Rysktal

    Too soon to sex light Brahma bantam? & a barnyard mix

    These 2 little guys are the outcasts of my flock, the grey one hatched under a broody and she abandoned him so I got a day old elsewhere so he wouldn't be lonely. Now they are with the rest of the flock and at the bottom of the pecking order. My kids are quite attached to them and I'm thinking...
  19. Rysktal

    Double post, Sorry!

    double post, trying to figure out how to delete! Sorry!
  20. Rysktal

    What does your winter flock look like?

    I know it's only August but I can't help but wonder what my permanent or "Winter" flock will look like. Right now I have 80 birds (chicken and ducks) and I know a lot of them will be put in the freezer this fall. I'm trying to decide how many birds to keep. Most of my chickens are heritage...
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