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  1. Arbutus Peregrine

    MITES? Over-preening? Moulting???

    Hi there :) My bantams are 25 weeks old this week and I am noticing feather loss. I noticed it on a few of my D'Uccles first. They really stick together and groom each other a I thought, maybe it's over-preening. My cockerel was literally "hen-pecked" on his chest about two months ago...
  2. Arbutus Peregrine

    Learning about Cockerels!

    It's been a fun chicken journey since I got my chicks in July. I have sixteen bantam pullets and two bantam cockerels who are about 23.5 weeks old now. It's my first time having boys...and they are quite interesting to learn about and watch. I had to find homes for my other boys and...
  3. Arbutus Peregrine

    Bird netting

    Do you use bird netting to protect your chickens from hawks? I’d like to cover my entire yard and have been watching some videos. I’ll attach one here: If you can offer advice or share photos of your netting, I’d be really grateful!!
  4. Arbutus Peregrine

    Bantam roosters with Standard hens?

    Hi, I'm a crazy person with a rooster-designated coop/run, 8'x16', for eight Bantam cockerels. They are about eleven weeks now and I gotta keep them! I have another coop/run that is more square feet for their pullet cousins and my favorite cockerel. I've had them since they were two days old...
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