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    Comment by 'Amb3r' in article 'My Chickens, Royalty With Feathers'

    so Wellie never gets mated too?? I find her character unique!! Mostly the roosters would fight the matriarch and take over the flock, it's strange she has been ruling the roost with 2 or more roos in the flock!! Awesome!! Lovely collection!
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    Anyone not able to have Children?

    Hysterectomy is definitely not the end of having children!!! Surrogacy would be unaffordable due to high cost, hence a lot of US couples are using Indian Surrogate mothers to have their babies!! Lets face it 1$ is roughly 50 INR. So with little money a surrogate mother can be hired in a...
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    Neighbor's Dogs Killed Entire Flock & Donkey

    That Donkey looks precious!! Hope you can get a new one!!
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    Comment by 'Amb3r' in article 'The Pecking Order- Understanding and Encouraging It'

    It's best to have a hen that has good parental care as the alpha hen in the flock, they'd raise baby chicks best as the other beta hens and cockerels give a wide berth to her!! Also a nonbroody Alpha hen would get over-bred unlike the broody hens which are not always receptive. To bring down...
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    My New rooster

    That's a sick way of disposing unwanted pets/livestock! He's huge and he's only a cockerel!! He's most probably the kind where the hens do not go broody and the Roos become big meanies!! I hope that he's not your only Roo, he need a dominant alpha to put him when his place when the hormones...
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    Pecking Order????

    Poor girl, if she's a young pullet >1 year, there is a high chance she is suffering the brunt of broodiness. 28 days of not eating properly has taken a toll on her. Just take care that she gets the special treats. She will start the cycle again, she will mate, climb the pecking order. I...
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    Help...adopted stray Hen and three Chicks!

    Seriously think twice before what you are getting into. It should be a beta hen hence relocating to your home, and 9/10 chance the hen would take its family back to the original coop in 2 to 3 weeks. You can buy the hen from your neighbor but it might want to return to its flock after raising...
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    Cataract like stuff in one eye of Chicken!

    Bump!! Please help!! It's an emergency!
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    Cataract like stuff in one eye of Chicken!

    Two of my hens (Sparrow and Pauline) has a cataract like stuff on one of their eyes. If it were only on one, it could have been trauma. I am so worried for my babies. Both of them are only 6 mo. Interestingly they are the only 2 affected and they are from the same brood (sisters!). In...
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    Your Perfect Rooster?

    I would avoid a Roo with single comb (Leghorn) They are the ones that attack their owners. I would choose an Aseel Rooster over the banties, Leghorns, and other single combed velociraptors. I have been eyeing a flock of Aseel roos, they are so well behaved as opposed to popular belief that...
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    How to make Sparrow the Queen bee! (Demoting the Alpha Hen)

    Thank you guys!! Black isn't a very smart hen, she is alpha because she is the oldest. She is relatively mellow compared to what Sparrow and Pauline are capable of. I'll separate Black from the flock for a week. :-)
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    How to make Sparrow the Queen bee! (Demoting the Alpha Hen)

    My flock comprises of a Roo (Pintu aka Sultan), Black (Alpha hen), Sparrow (bantam game hen), and Pauline (Sparrow's sister). Earlier in January, Sparrow started laying eggs and she was only 5 months, and after about 12 eggs she went broody. For 2 weeks she stole eggs from Black and Pauline...
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    roosters in the nest box

    @Wilderwoods: You might be the only one wishing for a Roo.. XD
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    roosters in the nest box

    Wow, so that is what my roo had been up to!? I was wondering what business he had in the nesting box. There was a broody hen in the nesting box and I thought he was messing with her. I didn't have the heart to deny her a chance to be a momma, but she was just 5 months old, so I bought 2...
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    Comment by 'Amb3r' in article 'Is my chicken a pullet/hen or a cockerel/cock??'

    After they grow their first feathers, you'll notice that the lil' girls will have a cute tail which they carry high. The boys will not have tail at least not as pronounced as in the girls. This works 100%
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    Type your username with your EYES CLOSED!

    Let me try!! Amb3r!! Yay!! I was fearing I will miss the 3. Yay!!
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    Difference between Chestnut and Sorrel

    Gus looks like a horse with a gray modifier gene!! Do you own him? He looks good!!! Good day!!
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    Difference between Chestnut and Sorrel

    Showbarnmom: "Usually horse that is dappled stays dappled, but they may fade." Thanks, that is one of the information I was seeking. @Bunnylady: Thanks for the info. Also am I wrong in assuming that Bay, Chesnut, and Black horses with a copy of Gray modifier gene would age/gray...
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    Difference between Chestnut and Sorrel

    Thanks guys!! Showbarnmom, the pics were really helpful! I hope you all do not mind me asking a few more questions. I have never known anyone having horses as pets here in my place, the only odd person is my best friend's dad who has 27 elephants. Here only the elite people and police...
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    Difference between Chestnut and Sorrel

    I play a game called Sims 3, where we can create horses, own them, breed them, etc. In order to keep the game as realistic as possible, I started browsing for horse details. And I fell in love with the American Quarter Horse, there is nothing flashy about the breed but I don't know why...
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