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  1. micah wotring

    A Few of My BYC Friends...

    Yeah, can't have a title (or even a sentence) without a few dot-dot-dots...XD...hey, what can I say...I'm Micah... Aaannnyyywwwaaayyy... First up (These are not in any order BTW) is: Abby (@TroyerSis ) I first met Abby back in December when her sister found my BYC profile page. We mostly...
  2. micah wotring


    Many of you have doubtless seen pictures of Macgyver. He was not only my very first avatar but also a very handsome rooster. At one point I had all hens and had recently gotten a hovabator. Now, most(if not all) of you chicken folks out there know that it can be difficult, dare I say it...
  3. micah wotring

    Micah Wotring's Chickens

    I hope you liked the pics Visit for more. MW
  4. micah wotring

    Micah Wotring

    Hello from WV My name is Micah and I am always thinking of new animals that I want to raise. This is a link to my blog. My sister's cow, calf pair. (Sold now) One of my all time best photos. Jack, our old, lazy dog. Zach holding one of my sister's baby goats. Lady...
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