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  1. r devries

    Cornish Thread

    Finally got some Standard Whites of good quality. Only a few months old but looks like four pullets one cockerel, I also know a friend who would be willing to let me borrow a rooster. Cant wait till they finish growing.
  2. r devries


    Those wounds look really bad If you cant find a vet I would probably cull. The geese look the worst off. So sorry.
  3. r devries

    GRAPHIC PICS of my day learning to caponize

    Not much eating on a 6-10 week old heritage breed rooster... Not my picture but a good example.
  4. r devries

    what is this chicken

    Dark cornish.
  5. r devries

    Japanese Bantam Thread

    Bantam boy does that btb hen really have only one point on her comb.
  6. r devries

    encouraging words for a new dachshund owner?

    Great little dogs I cant stand the sight of a fat one though.
  7. r devries

    ....... They're gone.... Well, stolen....,

    Hopefully they are not stolen
  8. r devries

    Do you know this breed

    They kind of look like a cuckoo maran but unless you know the breeding of the birds its just a guess.
  9. r devries

    Do you know this breed

    The other two are SLW, your birds are likely hatchery or backyard quality that is why the barring is not crisp.
  10. r devries

    You have to see this: $3k Anthropologie coop

    What's really funny is these heritage birds are Easter eggers.
  11. r devries

    Show Off Your Games!

    My BB Red OEG.
  12. r devries

    Dutch vs Japanese Bantams...How can you tell??

    Average hatchery/ pet quality grey japanese bantam.
  13. r devries

    Cornish Thread

    Some of my bantams, I live in Ontario.
  14. r devries

    Japanese Bantam Thread!

    A few of my birds. Comments welcome. Feather quality is pretty poor right now and the young grey cock wouldnt pose for me.
  15. r devries

    Cold col, what is too cold

    All your chickens will be fine I have 4 birds in an uninsulated 1/2'' thick plywood coop and I live in the great white north (canada) it has already dipped down to around -10 C and their coop was as warm as my Bed. The temperature here will likely drop down to around -20C on the colder nights.
  16. r devries

    Japanese Bantam Thread!

    I don't know what weather you are having, but it looks like he had or has a touch of fostbite, if it is, that will be why his points are curving over. The two you are thinking of would be the best IMO. The two hens in the front have to much White IMO, you could breed them to a black and the...
  17. r devries

    Japanese Bantam Thread!

    The black cockerel I am planning to buy. Any comments welcome
  18. r devries

    Japanese Bantam Thread

    wrong thread
  19. r devries

    Japanese Bantam Thread!

    According to a quick Google search Tom Roebuck was the show secretary not the judge.
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