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  1. PAChickenMomma

    Is it Failure to Thrive? (4 1/2 WK old Pullet is too small)

    We have 4 (of 6) Golden Comets left after 4 and a 1/2 weeks. The runt never grew and died after a couple of days. One flew out of the brooder at less than 2 weeks old and died when our Daschund discovered her in the garage. It was pretty traumatic. The wire mesh cover immediately got put over...
  2. PAChickenMomma

    Hello Peeps from a New Chicken Momma

    Hi, I'm Chris. I live in PA and got talked into raising chickens by my 6 year old son and his doting grandparents. Amazingly, I am a natural mother hen and have become very fond of my "girls." We did lots of research on this site and others, bought our supplies, prepared a brooder then...
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