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    Pale Floppy Comb

    I have 2 Golden Comets, one is fine and produces 1 egg a day, however the other one stopped laying and her comb has gotten very pale. Both have been wormed and checked for mites and lice and no sign of either. Lilly the one that has stopped laying (for a while now) eats well, drinks well and...
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    Thanks every one for the help with my last post, I really appreciated the help. Now a new question, I ran out of my grower/finisher, I only have 3 pullets and 4 guineas, 2 of the pullets are 14 weeks old the others are 15 weeks, can I start them on layer or just get another 50# bag (doesn't...
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    Rhode Island Red Meat Bird What Happened??

    Long story short I just found out that one of my RIRs is most likely a meat bird not a layer. I feel so bad for her, she eats and drinks but lays down all the time and walks very little. Her breast feathers are a huge mess because of it. I would not have a problem with letting her live out her...
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    New Member

    We just moved to FL about 8 mos. ago from CT, and finally have our little 5 acre dream farm. We're new to having chickens and guineas, 4 each raised together since babies. At about 8 weeks we put them into the coop (not free ranging yet) and noticed one of the Rhode Island Reds is not quite...
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