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  1. sharron

    nasty bugs

    is anyone else having trouble with being bitten when they go out to the garden to work? its so warm that i have to wear shorts and sleevless blouses, if i forget to spray bug spray on, i end up with bites that swell up the size of a grapefruit where it bites me, i am not allergic to anything...
  2. sharron

    dukes traps

    can anyone tell me what dhdp stands for in the dukes traps, would like to buy a couple but theres so many that i have no idea, i want the dhdp, looks easy on youtube to set and release. thanks
  3. sharron

    what kind of petunia is this?

    we went to an auction yesterday and i bought this plant, i know its some kind of petunia but i've never seen one like this, does anyone know what kind it is? i would love to find some seeds for it and start a bunch next year myself. i know its not a real good picture but this really is a...
  4. sharron

    one egg not hatching

    i had eggs due to hatch tues. or yesterday, all but one hatched , but i have one egg thats not pipping and i'm worried, i can see him bumping in the shell but thats all hes doing. anyone know why he doesn't want to hatch? is this normal?
  5. sharron

    opinion please

    ok, heres the problem, i bought six lavender orpington chicks a couple of weeks ago,(not cheap) thinking i would like the color, i like the adult pictures i see on ebay, anyway to me they're butt ugly. nothing at all like the parents, now should i sell the chicks to a friend for a little less...
  6. sharron


    hi, just joined, we have bc marans, and just started with the lemon blue cochin bamtams, also have standard gold lace cochins, along with some hair sheep and llamas. want to learn about the mille fleur cochins as i'm trying to start in those too. sharron
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