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  1. wegotchickens

    My Duccles

    The millies, all of which have won 1st place in more than one show. The rooster ALWAYS won (2008-2010): My rooster, Tennessee. ] The trio of hens, Georgie, Cinnamon & Annie. Need to add Tennesseebee (cockeral) and the Texas millies photos: (ignore the roo, only the hens stayed) The...
  2. Growing Up

    Growing Up

    At 3 weeks... At 5 weeks... After moving outside (7 weeks)... 2 weeks before laying the first egg... And the first egg!! September 9, 2007
  3. Wegotchickens Byc Page

    Wegotchickens Byc Page

    Welcome! Here is the story of our peeps. First ,we decided on the type of enclosure we wanted. DH didn't really want a permanent structure, so we agreed on a tractor with free range time for the peeps each evening to let them stretch their legs & wings. After we decided on the living space, we...
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