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  1. annageckos

    how to report post?

    I saw this spam post in one of the subforums, but I have no idea how to report it. I looked all over the page, but didn't see any links. Here is the link if any mods see this. Ok, I can't paste the link. I really dislike the new forums. Anyway, it is the first post in the ornamental fowl subforum.
  2. annageckos

    Computer help please

    Any computer people out there? I need some help. I just got a new laptop, an ASUS. It is a great computer. But I am having problems with the color. The monitor makes greys look purple and greens look blue. So I went into computer> control panel> calibrate color and fixed the color no problem...
  3. annageckos

    Spell check

    I am hating the spell check on the forums now. I can't even use my browsers spell check, which works great for me and is easy to use(I have fire fox). I tried to paste the correct spelling of a word earlier and a window popped up??? WTH? Overall I am liking the new forums, but that just sucks. I...
  4. annageckos

    Why, please tell me...

    Why do basset hounds smell like fritos? Yeah, it could be worst, but my pillow and blanket smell like fritos. Shorty (the basset) naps on my side of the bed. He also loves sleeping with his 'daddy'. So there is no way of keeping him off, which I wouldn't do anyway. I have talked to others with...
  5. annageckos

    GPS, don't like um

    I don't really like GPS's, my BF had to get one. I would rather get the directions before hand on the computer and look at the route (I'm the one who drives). I don't trust them, and I will tell you why. We when to see my mom and her BF the day after thanksgiving. He lives a little over an hour...
  6. annageckos

    Dum dog got skunked

    About an hour ago I was woken up by a horrible smell. My shepherd got skunked BF had her out and I guess didn't see the stinky little critter Now she doesn't smell, but the house does, ugg. I am not normally bothered by skunk spray, but this is making me nauseous. I sprayed perfume on my...
  7. annageckos

    Zucchini lasagna

    I made this dish the other night. My mom had another name for it but I can't remember. Anyway, I changed it a bit from how she did it and it was great. What you need Zucchini(this is acting as the lasagna noodles) Ricotta cheese Eggs (to mix with the ricotta) Mozzarella cheese Provolone cheese...
  8. annageckos


    Over the holiday weekend (Saturday) one of my cats, Phoebe, had to go in for emergency surgery. She had pyometra (infection in her uterus). She is much better now, only stayed overnight. But since she has been back, one of my other cats, and her best friend, Jade, acts like she doesn't know her...
  9. annageckos

    My Dogs **Warning Photo heavy**

    I don't have chickens.... yet. But I do have other animals, and I just wanted to share some photos of my dogs. I have three, Vegas (lab/pointer mix), Nevada (German Shepherd) and Shorty (Basset Hound). So here they are. First up is Shorty. He is six years old and too smart for his own good. He...
  10. annageckos


    I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am trying to get an avatar up. The problem is it fits pixel wise, but is too big KB wise. But no matter how how small I make it it is too big in KB. Any suggestions?
  11. annageckos

    Anyone from or new Lee County Va?

    I was wandering if anyone is from or around Lee county VA? My BF found a listing for a cheap property there and we can afford it too! We live in PA now and are about 10 hours away. I just wanted to know what the area is like? How populated and things like that. The property is just under an...
  12. annageckos

    Anyone use Yahoo mail?

    I was wondering if anyone else using yahoo mail has been having a problem with it? I have been and have no idea what to do. There are no graphics showing and the writing is plain and purple, all on the left side of the page. I also get this message If you are using a screen reader and having...
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