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  1. Gail Laubenthal

    Webworms - will they eat em?

    This morning I found this cluster of webworms on our Sweet Gum tree and after looking, on an Oak tree, too. At first I thought about what I might do to get rid of them...spray or chicken protein...of course, the chickens won out. The worms were being held in place by a web so when I brushed them...
  2. Gail Laubenthal

    Testing My Dogs with the Flock

    Our livestock guardian dog, now 2 years old, has grown up with the chickens on the other side of her fence. However, this spring, I began letting the chickens free range in her and the sheep area. I watched her carefully and she seemed to not care that they were there. The other day, I came out...
  3. Gail Laubenthal

    Strange Nesting Boxes

    When we built our hoop coop we had an old set of laying boxes, but needed more. I went to Lowes and Home Depot and bought their buckets, had my husband build a frame and the hens went in immediately. I have since replaced the buckets with a row of wooden, partitioned boxes, which they also use...
  4. Gail Laubenthal

    When to cull old hens??

    I have over 80 hens and get between 40 - 50 eggs a day. How in the world would I know who is freeloading? I don't have a game cam in the coop but have thought about it. Most of my hens are at least one to two years old, with a few being 3. They all seem to be healthy and I see most in the boxes...
  5. Gail Laubenthal

    Candling help, now with more pics day 8!

    Yes, on Saturday! 3 days before your hatch day. Often times you will have an early bird hatch one or two days earlier, so have your brooder ready for the little ones.
  6. Gail Laubenthal

    What do you wish you had known before incubating?

    I have that incubator and as long as I followed the instructions about the water levels and not opening the top to remove chicks too often, I have not had any issues. The one thing that you don't have control over is if your eggs are all fertile. I have my own roosters, so I take a chance when...
  7. Gail Laubenthal

    Review by 'Gail Laubenthal' in article 'Jteams Chicken Coop'

    It seems that you have thought of everything. I love the special frame-shape cuts you made to make this attractive, too. I also like that you were able to repurpose some of the project from other items you already had. The only thing that I saw was the advantage of hanging the food and water...
  8. Gail Laubenthal

    Review by 'Gail Laubenthal' in article 'Coops Done'

    It is always nice to see someone choose a beautiful spot for their flock to have lots of options. I like the garden setting with the forest in the background. It looks like you thought of everything and your young ones seem to like it, too. Good Job!
  9. Gail Laubenthal

    Nest boxes

    My daughter just bought a house that has a coop already built. These are the neatest nesting boxes! After cleaning and disinfecting the coop, I will be giving her 8 of my young laying hens.
  10. Gail Laubenthal

    Post Pictures of Your Hoop Coops!

    We just finished our chick hoop coop made for our babies 3 weeks - 4 months. We were able to find some used hoops (old greenhouse frame), roof metal (north wall), a screen/glass door, old dog kennel, and lots of old wood and old coop parts (run, ventilation and pop doors). We got our affordable...
  11. Gail Laubenthal

    How to calculate how much eggs are costing?

    Thanks for your humor and your way of looking at our "hobby"! I agree with you that the benefits are do you put a cost on the greatest joy in life? From hatching new chicks, to loving on them from birth to death, chickens offer us so much, not to mention the free compost for our...
  12. Gail Laubenthal

    Topic of the Week - Broody vs Incubator

    I prefer incubators. I select the eggs; I set the eggs when I want to; and I hatch the eggs in a safe warm environment! I just had a very successful hatch yesterday: I set 28 eggs in 3 incubators. After candling (7 days), I determined that 3 were not fertile...25 left. 21 hatched Friday and...
  13. Gail Laubenthal

    The 9th Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong!

    This is perfect timing. I had 10 hatch on Christmas day, so hatching chicks on Easter Saturday seems only appropriate! I'm in.
  14. Gail Laubenthal

    Coop Cam

    I bought a camera, and thought that my router would be strong enough to be picked up where I placed it, but it does not pick it up, even with a repeater half way between the camera and the router. I am not very tech savvy but thought this would work. Now I am being told that I need to have a...
  15. Gail Laubenthal

    Transporting Chickens

    I use a large dog crate with a washable rug in the bottom. The one time I didn't use a rug, the hens were slipping and sliding all over the crate, in their poop that ended up on the backseat passenger door...yuk! I have used boxes with holes, but prefer the crate. I saw another person who used...
  16. Gail Laubenthal

    Comment by 'Gail Laubenthal' in article 'I’ll build you whatever you want, honey.” ...and here is what I wanted...'

    Love the extra touches...mirrors, chandelier, and curtains...original art work! Your girls must be the luckiest I have ever seen. Great work and for all of the right reasons.
  17. Gail Laubenthal

    Topic of the Week - When eggs go wrong

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to the feed store today and will see if I can find some feed with calcium. I also let my older girls hang around for life...they are part of the family, so they should be treated that way!
  18. Gail Laubenthal

    Topic of the Week - When eggs go wrong

    I have a hen that is a year and a half old. Since we built a new coop with new laying boxes, she stopped laying for 3 months, but now has begun, but the problem is that all her egg shells are so thin or none existent that the egg never makes it out of the laying box. None of my other hens have...
  19. Gail Laubenthal

    Which of these chicken coops would work the best?

    We recently helped a friend with his TSC green coop and I will agree that it is a bit flimsy, but we added a 4" x 4" treated lumber base for it and it survived the outer bands of Hurricane Harvey with winds over 60 mph and 7" of rain. We did have to rebuild the ramp after a month of use, but...
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