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  1. Melinda48

    How long does this last?

    So we have had our girls for 1 & 2 years (Buff Orpingtons 1-yr, Golden Comets -2). We have 10 girls. For the last three weeks we have been getting 3-5 eggs a day. This is way-y-y-y under our regular production! There are feathers in their area but none of them looks anything like the photo of...
  2. Melinda48

    Orschlein's in mid-Missouri

    Someone commented on Griffith Poultry Farm in Fulton, MO and said that although Orscheln's carries chicks, they want to buy "local." The Orscheln family is from Moberly,MO - this is a local company. Just because a store has more than one location does not make them a large operation. And - large...
  3. Melinda48

    Socializing new chicks with older "Girls"

    What is the best way to socialize new chicks so the older ones do not peck them to death?
  4. Melinda48

    Retiring for the Night

    Ok so here the deal- we use a light to insure our girls get their 12 hours of light a day resulting in 12/12 eggs even now. Generally we turn the coop light on and then after it gets dark, we shut up the coop for the night and turn off the lights. Well, for the last 4-5 nights they just don't...
  5. Melinda48

    smaller eggs

    Do chickens lay smaller eggs in the winter? It seems my girls' eggs are smaller now than they were in the fall. I am still getting 11-12/day from my 12 girls so I am absolutely thrilled but they are a bit smaller.
  6. Melinda48

    Formerly broody hen being picked on

    One of our Golden Comets went broody for a couple of months but is no longer broody (thankfully). However, the other girls are picking on her and don't let her eat with them. Are they going to kill her? Is there anything I can do about this?
  7. Melinda48

    heat lamp question

    OK so we installed our heat lamp, connecting it through a temperature sensitive outlet that makes it turn on when the temperature dips below 35 degrees F. It worked let night!! However, it woke up the girls (we think - this morning we found a starling in the coop). We wonder if the heat lamp...
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