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  1. Gerty0630

    Big broody Judy

    I am new to chickens this year and just when I think I’ve got the hang of everything one of my olive eggers decides to go broody. I don’t have any roosters nor do I plan to have any roosters. So my questions is what, if any, harm is there just letting her sit on the eggs? She switches between...
  2. Gerty0630

    Cold a** winters!

    This Is going to be my first winter with chickens - while I've read up on plenty of things I need to do, I still have a couple questions for the BYC community. I live in Michigan where winter got down to -17 last year in the polar vortex. Normally it does not get that cold but it's not uncommon...
  3. Gerty0630

    Bantam outcast??

    I have 8 hens, all raised together from day old, who are now about 5 1/2 months old. 7 of the hens are standard sized chickens, various types, and I have one bantam silkie hen who seems to be the outcast. Was just wondering if anyone has had this experience. There are no issues at all, no...
  4. Gerty0630

    All flock feed?

    I have 5 ducks and 1 drake - I am trying to find a good all flock feed for them. I found a local feed store that carried a local brand which I loved and the ducks enjoy however it's becoming unrealistic/impossible as the store closes an hour before I get home from work and is not open on...
  5. Gerty0630

    When to eat eggs after antibiotics??

    I have a 4 month old Pekin/white layer cross who just laid her first egg this past week. A couple of months ago she was on antibiotics. So it’s been 2 months antibiotic free. How long do I need to wait- or should I wait to safely consume her egg?
  6. Gerty0630


    Does anyone have any experience in treating gout in ducks? I changed their feed to lower the calcium intake, but now from what I've read I need to supplement in vitamin a and phosphorus. Any ideas how to do this? I know fish is good for vitamin a so they've gotten canned salmon. Any ideas in any...
  7. Gerty0630

    Visible predators?

    I am planning to move my ducks to a new coop. The coop is a renovated to be predator proof children’s playhouse. So there are many windows- all covered, nothing can get in. My question is- you can still see in and out of these windows since it is stapled wire fencing... will it be traumatic to...
  8. Gerty0630

    Environment issues

    I have 3 pekin ducks. 2 are almost a year old and 1 is almost 4 months old. All are coming down with lameness in the legs. And all at different times. My 1 drake started this about March of this year. I, of course, have made very well sure they are all getting enough niacin to start off. There...
  9. Gerty0630

    Confirmation of bumblefoot.....?

    We just noticed our female pekin limping today. It’s looking to me like somehow she’s got 2 bumbles in each foot. I’ve not dealt with bumblefoot personally yet. Can someone confirm?
  10. Gerty0630

    Female head bobbing at other female??

    so I just noticed today my 10 month old pekin female bobbing her head in the pool at my 9 week old Cayuga and black Swedish females while they were all swimming together. Anyone know why a female would do this to another female? I know this and have experienced it as a male/female flirting and...
  11. Gerty0630

    Pekin drakes - Genesee County, Michigan

    I have two 9 week old pekin drakes that I need to rehome. I have a small flock and with these two drakes, my male/female ratio is way off. They aren't exactly being nice to my three 7 week old ladies either. I hatched these boys. Perfectly healthy - free ranged. Free to a good home. Located in...
  12. Gerty0630

    Restless wings??

    I have a pekin drake who seems to have some sort of restless wing thing going on. He's been doing it for a good month + now. It's as if he can't get his wings to rest comfortably against his body so he constantly is shifting them back. Kind of hard to explain so hopefully you guys can somewhat...
  13. Gerty0630

    Lavender orphington...roo??

    I’ve been wondering if my lavender orphington is actually a cockerel. Sexed from the hatchery to be a pullet but it’s definitely the largest of my chickens (all 9 weeks old now). Im fairly new to chickens So I could very well be wrong. Hollerin at the pros on here. A few pics attached. Opinions?
  14. Gerty0630

    The age old question..calling the silkie peeps

    3 silkies. 8 or 9 weeks old I can’t keep track I have a lot of babies right now lol. Can anyone tell yet, cockerel or pullet? There’s 2 pics of #2 bc it was moving around so much. I feel like the blue is a cockerel, he’s got some streamers it looks like maybe. And perhaps one of each cockerel...
  15. Gerty0630

    Best all flock feeds??

    Can anyone give me some ideas as to what you feed your mixed flock? My local tractor supply and feed stores always basically only have chick starter feed and layer feed - neither of which I need. Because I have both drakes and hens, I cannot have a feed that is too high in protein or calcium (I...
  16. Gerty0630

    First time angel wing fixer

    I have a 6 week old duckling with angel wing. Both wings. I tried the T-shirt sleeve method and it slid right off of her. Tried to tie it, still slid off. So I used self adhering bandage and wrapped it around her body and wings but now I put her back in the brooder and she can hardly stand or...
  17. Gerty0630


    Ok pardon my lack of knowledge - I am raising my first batch of chickens ever right now. They are 7 weeks old. I ordered 8 chicks from a hatchery - 3 olive eggers, 2 cream legbars, 1 black australorp, 1 barred rock, and 1 lavender orphington. When I received the day old chicks 3 of them were...
  18. Gerty0630

    Duckling seizure

    Hello my fellow duck peoples! Let me start this off by saying apparently I have the world's worst luck with ducks! So my current issue: I have a 4 week old Cayuga who is currently staying in a brooder inside my house with another two 4 week old babies. I purchased them all from Meyer Hatchery...
  19. Gerty0630


    Just looking for everyone's opinions. I have two 1 year old ducks. three 7 week old ducklings, and three 3 week old ducklings right now. Seems like opinions vary on timing of switching feeds. How long does everyone feed starter feed before switching to grower feed before switching to layer feed...
  20. Gerty0630

    Moving babies outside..I think??

    I am new to raising chickens. I have my first batch of 12 chicks who are now 6 weeks old and I want to get them outside and get all this darn dust out of my house! It is solidly in the 60s during the days now where I live however through this weekend it’s supposed to be 35 degrees at night. Can...
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