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  1. Squeaky McMurdo

    Another TSC duckling ID thread

    I bought some new ducklings today. We have a Buff and a Rouen hen from Spring chick days. We lost the 2 male runners the day after it ended so I promised my boys I would replace them next time I found ducks and ended up buying 5 :rolleyes: I think the yellow with the black tail and a spot on...
  2. Squeaky McMurdo

    Australorp sex

    Well I think one or both of my Australorps are boys. One of them is throwing me for a loop though because it has a rooster looking tail but no comb or wattle developement. The other, whom I'm fairly certain is a boy has a big pink comb and wattles but no tail. It would be easier to admit if the...
  3. Squeaky McMurdo

    Hello from Afton, Wyoming

    Hi, I'm brand new to chickens. I don't have any yet. I hope to find some Welsumers, Barred Rocks, and Australorps soon. I have three children: A boy 8 months, and 2 and 4 year old girls. I also have 3 ferrets, 2 Labradors, and 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I milk the mama goat.
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