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  1. Elfy

    What do you do when you have to go out of town for a few days?

    And no one is around to baby-sit the chickens and ducks?
  2. Elfy

    I did do a search on Bumble foot. Found nothing

    My peking has one or two large bumps on her foot. They are not bleeding. None of our vets in the area are waterfowl trained. How do you treat bumble foot at home?
  3. Elfy

    We just rescued a Northern Flicker

    Lately we had baby doves and robins hurt in our yard (beyond repair). This morning our neighbors were coming over to learn how to take care of our ducks while we are on vacation. We spot this bird down in the ditch. Never seen one like before, It's wings were out and it's feet were behind him. I...
  4. Elfy

    Welsh Harlequin and Rouen UPDATED w/ PICS

    My drake looks like a Welsh Harlequin but his offspring looks like a Rouen duck. Does anyone know the differences between the two? I know the Welsh Harlequin are a off shoot of the Rouen but what are the standards. A couple of years ago I was this drake and his mate who did look like a...
  5. Elfy

    My new little ones

    They are a mix of Welsh Harliquin and Peking (assumming my duck is a pure-bred Peking and my drake is a pure-bred Welsh) My daughter named the one with the striped eyes Twitch and the other is Stormy. Twitch Might have Welsh Harly markings from the what he looks now. Stormy will be cute no...
  6. Elfy

    Just a quick question about duck eggs.

    I have a broody Peking and I just candled the eggs. There are rings on the shell. A small one and a big one, it has a dark outline. Are these blood spots and the eggs are bad? They don't smell and other than the spots they look like normal development.
  7. Elfy

    Do I need to seperate my babys from adults?

    I only have a the mother and father ducks. Mommy is sitting on a nest now, possible due in one -two weeks. Do I need to keep mama and baby away from papa duck or can all them live happly together. I know if you have more ducks you need to keep them seperate. Will the papa duck help raise them?
  8. Elfy

    Duck molting

    Is it common for Welsh Harlies and Pekin feathers do come in darker in the fall/winter molt than in the spring? My Pekin is almost a yellow not white. The Welsh look absolutly amazing with all their color, darker than what they were in the spring.
  9. Elfy

    Winter and ducks

    We live in Wisconsin. This will be our first winter with ducks. I was wondering if we needed to put in a heat source in the duck house? It's not insulated, but made out of plywood. The duck house has a door, should we keep them closed up when the temp drops or let them come and go. Anyone with...
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