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  1. clogan98

    Lasting diarrhea and starting to spread

    I rescued four neglected chickens on Xmas eve. They had spent three weeks scratching in the corpse of one of their flock mates. Since I’ve gotten them one has had constant diarrhea. Now it’s two. I treated with Corid and no improvement. They are acting absolutely fine except for the diarrhea...
  2. clogan98

    Chicken leaking clear fluid

    I rescued four chickens on Christmas Eve from a very disgusting situation. I’m trying to deal with the aftermath but every day it seems there’s something new. Now one of the chickens has very watery poop. Mostly water with a little green bit of grass and such. I picked her up to check her vent...
  3. clogan98

    Chicken with possible frostbitten toe

    I rescued four chickens on Christmas Eve from a disgusting living situation. Right now they are in my garage in a fenced off area with shavings and I have their coop half built which they stay in at night. We live in Connecticut so although it was 76 today it was very cold in December and will...
  4. clogan98

    Possible Mycoplasma gallisepticum, any more I can do?

    My EE developed a swollen face and watery eyes yesterday. At first the water was foamy on one side but the bubbles subsided. The stores were closed when I noticed it so all I could do was add erythromycin ointment to her eyes yesterday. Today, her bad eye is better but her better eye is worse...
  5. clogan98


    I heard some screaming and went back to check on my chicks (7 weeks old). I found them pulling on the bloody neck feathers of one of my girls! She has two puncture wounds on each side of her neck. Small, almost like a beak mark. Could they have done this? And then gone after her once they saw...
  6. clogan98

    Curious roosting question

    I was just wondering if chickens normally will always roost in the same place/order? My little ones have been doing it and was just wondering if that is a pecking order thing as my larger more dominant hens are on the bottom, always lined up the same and the others are up top, including the...
  7. clogan98

    Where are my subscriptions

    All the posts that I had subscribed to disappeared. Usually they are on my home screen and now they are gone. : (
  8. clogan98

    Pullet or Cockerel Black Australorp

    Had this posted in the Raising Baby Chicks section, didn't know this section existed! I'm thinking this is a boy. 5-6 weeks old. All my other girls have nice fluffy tail feathers. This one is just rump. Also, he/she is practically bald. Feathers are growing in veeeeery slowly. Sad to say, I...
  9. clogan98

    6 week Black Australorp Boy/Girl

    I'm thinking this is a boy. All my other girls have nice fluffy tail feathers. This one is just rump. Also, he/she is practically bald. Feathers are growing in veeeeery slowly. Sad to say, I wouldn't mind if it turns out to be, this is my least favorite. Hates people. Screams bloody murder if...
  10. clogan98

    Question on Chicken Wire

    What do you think of doubling 1" chicken wire (overlapping it so it doesn't line up properly so it would be much less than 1" holes). I have all this extra chicken wire, but just can not afford the hardware cloth. I live in a suburban area with total fencing around my yard. No wild animals...
  11. clogan98

    POC Coop. Was wondering if anybody knew...

    The Maxwell red POC Coop. The siding that is used, I was wondering if it looks like it would cause any problems to use that type in cold weather. Anyone have any ideas if it would be insulated enough? I'm looking for different ways to build a lightweight coop and that looked excellent. Thoughts...
  12. clogan98

    "White" Black Australorp?

    My 6 week old black australorps feathers are coming in and well, some aren't so black! Is this normal?
  13. clogan98

    First Night Outside!!!

    This is it. My five darlings are spending their first night outside. They are 6 weeks old and spend all day outside but before it gets dark they always carry on so much I've been pushing it off. They did cry tonight but I waited until it got really dark and went out to find them in the doorway...
  14. clogan98

    How much of an age difference can I do?

    I have (5) 5 week old chicks. My EE turned out to be a boy so he has to go (city code). I would like to replace him with another but was wondering how much older can I get? It's hard to find young'uns around here!
  15. clogan98

    Chicken Coop Plans For Sale?

    I built a coop for my new chicks, that basically, will get the job done no problem, but I'm not happy with it. Sure it's cute and fine and has all the elements it really needs, but I'd never built anything before so if you were to look closely you'd see alot of crooked boards and loose hinges...
  16. clogan98

    Adding a new chick in with other chicks

    I just picked up a Wyandotte chick to add with my four other chicks. They are all about the same size/age. She might actually be older than the rest. Any tips on a smooth transistion. She is severely stressed out. Everyone is leaving her alone. My Brahma chick tasted her down a bit but no...
  17. clogan98

    How long until you know after a cat bite?

    I was wondering too, and I know it's not a specific answer, but if a chick was to succumb to a cat bite, how long do you think it would be? My chick has a small cat bite that I'm treating but was wondering if I can pull her through the first 24-48-72 hours does that mean we succeeded?
  18. clogan98


    We had an incident today involving our three week old BO and my cat. Another post in another forum. Anyway, after treating her now she's been making this trilling sound. Everything I look up says it's a happy sound. I'm confused. She can't be too happy right now. I only gave her penicillin so...
  19. clogan98

    HELP! Quick! Penicillin question!

    My daughter's three week old chick was just bitten by the cat. I got her away quickly and she has one small puncture would on her back. After reading up here I did go get some penicillin but I don't know how much to give?! Please, does anyone know?
  20. clogan98

    How many of your EE chicks turned out to be roos?

    I picked up four chicks from The Urban Farm store last week and one is a little EE chick. This one is the youngest of the bunch and still that one is the one to constantly challenge the biggest (BO) that is more than twice it's size. I've got a bad feeling it's actually a rooster-in-training...
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