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  1. Disco Hen

    New Frizzle Chicks

    I have always wanted Frizzles, so when the local feed store got some Frizzle Cochin Bantams in I new I had to go. I was only going to get two, so I got a Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam and a Grey Japanese. I could soon tell that the "Frizzle" was flat feathered! Right when they started laying eggs...
  2. Disco Hen

    My Small Flock

    We have a total of seven chickens. We have a frizzle cochin bantam rooster (Spike), a cochin bantam hen (Misty), a japanese (Chloe), a d'uccle (Blue Belle, a barred rock (Bitsy), a golden laced wyandotte (Jypsy), and a americana (pudgy). Name: Chloe Age: about 9 or 10 months Personality...
  3. Disco Hen


    Breed Details: Sebastopol Geese are an ornamental breed with little value as meat or egg production birds. Laying only 20-40 eggs per year with feathers difficult to pluck, it is a pleasant breed to own as a pet or to exhibit in shows. Adult male Sebastopols weigh 12-14 pounds, with adult...
  4. Disco Hen

    Blue Swedish

    Breed Details: Scientific name is; Anas platyrhynchos domesticus Blue Swedish is a medium sized duck that weighs between 6 1/2 to 8 pounds; the male usually weighs more than the female. Blue Swedish ducks are very calm and make good ducks for beginners and will go broody. Blue is the standard...
  5. Disco Hen


    Breed Details: Average weight of mature bird: Male- 8-9 lb Female- 10-12 lb Features include: Pink or orange beak White or cream colored feathers Yellow or orange feet Temperament: They are very domestic, sweet birds. They will love a good cuddle, and love to be pet. They have a great...
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