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    My chicken just got attacked by my dog. HELP!!!

    My chicken just got attacked by my dog, What do I do?? Her leg may be broken, but I'm not sure... Here are some photos if this will help! There is a big wound on her back. I stopped the bleeding though. She won't eat and is just lying there....
  2. Animals45


    HI!!!! I thought it would be fun to make a chicken show! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!!!!!! Rules: 3 entries per person, 3 photos per chicken, What to include in your entry Name: Age: Breed: Personality: GOOD LUCK!!
  3. Animals45


    Hi! I thought it would be really fun to post a chicken contest for everybody to come and join and post pictures! Good luck to everybody!!!:celebrate Rules for this contest: You can enter 2 chickens per member and post 2 pictures per bird. I will be judging this contest March 2nd. Please post...
  4. Animals45

    Why is my chickens egg purplish brownish colored?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering why one of my chickens layed a brownish purplish egg? I found it in my coop today and thought it was strange because none of my chickens have ever layed a egg like that before And I have had them for a long time and nothing has ever happened like that before.
  5. Animals45

    What age do chickens start laying at?

    Hi! Everybody, I was wondering what age chickens start laying at?
  6. Animals45

    Ask me some riddles!!

    Hi! Ask me some riddles I may not get a lot right but I will try my best!:p
  7. Animals45

    Buff orpington show!

    Hi everybody! I thought it would be fun to make a Buff orpington show! Good luck to everybody!!!;)
  8. Animals45

    Will my chickens attack new hens?

    Hi, I was wondering if my chickens will attack the new chickens I get? But I'm not 100% sure I am getting new chickens but I'm asking just in case I did.
  9. Animals45

    How do I know if my dog is pregnant?

    Hi, Does anybody know how to tell if a dog is pregnant?:D
  10. Animals45

    Does anybody have a horse?

    Hi, Does anybody have a horse?
  11. Animals45

    Post pictures of your horses!

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread called post pictures of your horses it isn't a horse contest it's just to be posting pictures of your horses. I posted this thread because I wanted to see cute pictures of your horses.:D
  12. Animals45

    When do newborn puppies open their eyes?

    Hi, I have newborn puppies and I am curious when they open their eyes it said online that they don't open their eyes till 2 weeks and I am curious if they do open their eyes at 2 weeks.
  13. Animals45

    Goat Contest!

    Do any of you guys have goats? if you do then post the best pictures of them. I may put up a voting poll or judge. Have fun!
  14. Animals45

    New member!

    Hi everyone!:frow I'm new to BYC. I'm looking forward to being a member and can't wait to post my chickens photos and new threads!
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