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    What kind of predator do I have?

    My guinea was missing this morning. Right out in the middle of the yard I found a small pile of feathers, a bright red neck and the intestines. What the heck eats everything but leaves a neck and sparkley white intestines? No mess, no blood, no footprints. Nothing. Any ideas? Needless to...
  2. Scraps

    I've got twins!!!

    On the 1st I found one of those "OMG, that had to hurt!" eggs from one of my RC rhode island white girls so I threw it in the bator. Day 8 and I definately have 2 little alien blobs movin' around in there. Wish us luck
  3. Scraps

    RC Rhode Island Whites- how do they look to you?!?!

    I have some RIW's that hatched in March of this year. I can't seem to find any info on-line about them, not even a pic to compare them to. I love them not matter what but I'd like to know if their quality is good enough to sell hatching eggs or to even show them Thanks!!!
  4. Scraps

    Missing!!! 7 year old child-North Florida

    More than 100 law enforcement officials questioned sex offenders and scoured a northern Florida county today searching for a 7-year-old girl who vanished Monday while walking home from school. An Amber Alert has been issued for Somer Thompson, who went missing while on her way home from...
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    My Serama just started crowing **video**

    My little Serama roo just started to crow I got him from either Chickenzoo or RBamterry, not sure which egg he popped out of but he sure is adorable! Everyone should have at least 1 Serama!!!
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    Dickey hatching tray question

    This is my first try using the hatching tray, this is day 19. I moved 12 to the bottom tray and I have around 70 eggs setting with more in the kitchen that I need to add. I've kept the bator at 45% for the last 3 weeks which is what has worked for me in the LG. Both vents are open 1/3 of the...
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    Turkey with 3 feet!!!!

    I had 4 turkeys hatch over night. Early this morning they were all fluffy and looked fine so I put them in the brooder in the spare bedroom. I just got back home and looked in on them and noticed that one of them had a 3rd foot !!! He's acting fine and drank some water. Only problem right...
  8. Scraps

    Dickey or Brinsea Ova 190? **Ordered the Dickey!**

    I just got my tax return and DH has given me the go-ahead on a cabinet bator. The Ova 190 is on sale right now for 589 I know a lot of people love the Dickey but I'm looking for a little input on both before I buy something tomorrow. Any info or opinions are appreciated!
  9. Scraps

    New Polish and Hamburg babies!

    I got a few eggs from Chickenzoo (she sells on BYC occasionally) and this is what hatched yesterday Thanks Jen!! Polish Silver spangled Hamburgs And my own home-grown RIR's
  10. Scraps

    Okiehen is a grandma!!!

    A few weeks ago I ordered 6+ Golden Lakenvelders from Okiehen. She sent 8 GL's and filled the carton up with 4 Blue Andalusians for a total of 12 eggs. Well, yesterday was hatching day and guess what I got............... drumroll............................ TADA!!!! 12...
  11. Scraps

    Need help on what to do with chick *yucky pic*

    I had 10 chicks hatch yesterday and today, all fluffy and happy. This was the last one. I took a warm wet towel to her crusty butt and it was all yellow with a little red blob sticking out. Can I do anything for her or just let nature runs its course? She seems weak but is really noisy...
  12. Scraps

    Please tell me Princess is a girl!!!

    I think I already know the answer but I want a few opinions before I change "her" name!
  13. Scraps

    Ebay Rhode Island Whites hatched!

    I won an Ebay auction for 12 eggs, they sent 14. 6 quit along the way but the other 8 hatched last night Its my first time with getting eggs in the mail so I'm surprised I had such good luck! How come the RIW's aren't very popular?? They sure are pretty!!
  14. Scraps

    What is this chick?! *PICS*

    I just hatched some chicks on Monday. I had 5 eggs from the guy that I bought my incubator from as well as a bunch of my own mutts. 3 were sumatras, 1 hamburg and one "game", thats all the info I got from him. Now if this little guy is a sumatra he looks nothing like the others. He looks much...
  15. Scraps

    Optimum humidity on last 3 days?

    First I read 60-70. Then someone else said 70-75. Someone else posted 55. Today I received my Ebay eggs and their instructions said 90....which one is correct?
  16. Scraps

    What is this guy?

    I got this guy out of the Barred Rock bin at the feed store last summer. I just always assumed that he was a BR but now realize that was wrong. What the heck is he?! He has a few rusty feathers on his back and the white is more like a cream color. Thanks for looking!!
  17. Scraps

    Hey all!!! Newbie from Florida

    I've been lurking for the last few weeks reading page after page of old posts. I have to say there's lots of great info here and alot of great people!!! I have a few chickens in the back yard, 4 RIR's, 2 BO's an Americana and a BR together with my Barred Rock rooster. I also have an old RiR...
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