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    It's been 22 hours

    Help what am I doing wrong :( feel so helpless my chick pipped 22 hours ago an still hasn't unzipped my incubator has been steady at 65% humidity now that I added a bit of water threw a filling hole 99.5 consistant temp. Still moving in egg I see it's beak moving. What do I do next? Thanks for...
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    My egg has pipped

    Hi there so my egg has finally just pipped an my humidity at 56% I'm so scared as I've read such much contravercy around this subject and I'm new at all this.. day 21 today temp 99.5...
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    One egg.

    Hi there I have one egg that should hatch any day now but it's the only one as the rest were not fertile :( I have two other ones that are at about day 18 of incubation so I'm wondering if I can put them with the one that just hatched after there born.
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