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    Silkie color update

    This little girl is about 5 weeks old now. I realize this is probably a mix of some sort and not a legit Silkie color correct?
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    Silkie color update

    Thank you for your reply!
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    Silkie color update

    So this little one is 2 weeks and has started to get some wing feathers. Would this be a blue splash? Older pics to see what she looked like at a day old.
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    Blue or grey silkie?

    Would this silkie be considered blue or grey? Also fingers crossed she’s a pullet
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    Prolapse of some kind?

    Can anyone offer guidance on this? This is a young (rooster I thought) Silkie. I took a paper towel and gently pressed and it popped right back in. The silkie doesn’t seem to be bothered at all.
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    Silkie color?

    What color is this 3 day old silkie?
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    Balding around eyes?

    I have a 2 1/2 month old silkie that looks like she is loosing feathers around her eyes? I haven’t seen any evidence of mites on her and she is with four others that are fine and no feat their loss. The eye area doesn’t look irritate or red at all. Any advice?
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    Silkie color growing in?

    @Northwest_Wannabe awesome, thanks! I wasn’t expecting to get that color. Now only if it’s a hen 🤞🏼
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    Silkie color growing in?

    Other full body pictures
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    Silkie color growing in?

    There a light tan-ish color growin in on the neck and head of what I thought was a blue silkie. What color would he/she be?
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    Who is the silkie crower?

    One of these two (maybe both?) woke me up this morning with their new crowing. Opinions on sex?
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    1.5 month old Silkies

    I have two month and a half old Silkies. I’m sure they aren’t full silkie as one has a single come and my paint has green eyes (both of those not pictured). My pretty white one has a red comb :( however the blue is much bigger than white. Looking for opinions on sex of both. Thanks!
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    One month old Silkie. Red comb already?!

    Ugh I REALLY hope not. It’s so sweet.
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    One month old Silkie. Red comb already?!

    This little one is just about a month and has what looks like a red tinted comb coming in. I’m thinking a roo?
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    Vulture hocks?

    Is this what vulture hocks are? I have another Silkie the same age and she does not have them.
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    Black silkie with white feet?

    Oh interesting. Maybe that will happen with this one too. I got her from Feathers in Faith Farm by Austin, TX
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    Black silkie with white feet?

    This silkie is brand new and looks black with white feet? Is that even such a thing?
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    Silkie colors

    I don’t unfortunately.
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    Sick chick. Cocci? Please help

    Survived! I treated with liquid corrid and she improved within hours. Happy and healthy now.
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    Silkie colors

    Any guesses to what colors these Silkies will be?
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