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    Lavender Silkies

    Hey y’all! I am curious how I may go about creating lavender colored silkies when I don’t actually have any lavenders. I do have some splashes though. I look forward to your responses. Thank you!
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    Silkie Splash Hen to Black Roo?

    I understand you breed splash to blue. What happens if you breed splash to black? I can't find any definitive answers out there.
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    Janoel 24 Egg Incubator Urgent

    How do I remove / stop the turning rod on this incubator? Lock down starts tomorrow. I need help please.
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    Neurological Issue with 8 Day Old Silkie Chick

    Hey y’all, I just picked up two one week old chicks yesterday. As we where driving home I noticed one of them moving it’s head in a seemingly unintentional, repetitive, Parkinson like, tremor. Please advise on what this maybe and how to move forward. I have a video I can email if needed. Thank you
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    DNA Testing

    I would love to hear everyone’s experiences with DNA testing, including various companies, pricing, etc. I intend to send off egg shells on hatching day. I have Silkies, so y’all feel my pain. 6/8 of my first flock ended up male. I kept two cockerels and my only two pullets. These are the...
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