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    Major attack - is this a bear?

    I’d be willing to wager you had a visit from a bear. I don’t know where you live, but that’s gotta be a bear—what an appetite! A big cat probably wouldn’t have made such a large hole, n probly wouldn’t have taken that many, and while a wolverine is probably capable of getting through the wire...
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    Hi! I’m new here.

    So far, I’ve liked them all!
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    Review by 'Marewartin' in article 'Chicken Behavior The Ignorant Gal's Guide To Things No Sane Person Would Tell You About Chickens'

    So amazingly entertaining! If you can’t get a weekly column, just start a book... The world needs truth and laughter!
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    Hi! I’m new here.

    Thanks to all who welcomed me! I like these fowl folks!!
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    Hi! I’m new here.

    I am at this point, simply a voyeur. I have fond memories of my great aunt’s chickens when I was a youngster. Someday I’d like a few layers, but now it’s not possible. So I’ll observe, learn and plan until then.
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