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    Sicilian Buttercup Gasping for Air?! Sounds distressed... please help!

    Hello friends, I came home from work early this afternoon to spend some time with my flock. (And hoping for first eggs since the oldest are 18 weeks old this week.) All afternoon, the sicilian buttercup has been gasping for air, kind of like she's going to bawk, but little sound comes out...
  2. RGBistro

    Do Marans grow at a faster rate?!

    Brooder A has a Cuckoo Marans. The 5-week old chick towers her Black Australorp sister, hatched the same day/week. Brooder B has three 3-week old French Marans. ALL of them are already bigger than the 4-week old welsummer, blue andalusian, barred rock and turken. Normal? Just curious...
  3. RGBistro

    Day Old Chick Gurgling - UPDATE: BACK TO NORMAL

    UPDATE - SHE MADE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT AND AS OF THIS MORNING, SHE SEEMS FINE. CHEEPING, EATING, AND POOED ON THE PAPER TOWEL. Would still appreciate any feedback if anyone knows what that was all about. Thanks! ----- Original Post: I WISH I was kidding. Please help - the title says it...
  4. RGBistro

    Roosting Bar - 2x4 or 4x2? Which side goes "up?"

    I've seen roosting bars with the 2" side up, I've seen them with the 4" side up. What do your fluffy butts prefer?! - Kim
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    New Baby Peeps... and Ladies with some Sass!

    On my way home from work yesterday, my car somehow ended up in the feed store parking lot. Fifteen minutes later, I had spent the last of my mad money for the week and was on my home with a box of chicks. First time I'd ever done anything without my husband's permission and/or knowledge. He...
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    Lost Two Overnight: What Gets Through a 4" Hole?

    I had a sinking feeling when I noticed a feather about 20 yards out from reaching the run this morning. When I got to the door, there were 6 very still 8-week old ladies looking at me. No one was moving. No one was cheeping. I looked into the cardboard box I had lying in the run, thinking the...
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    My Chickens are Chickens - Did I Screw Up?

    So my chickens are CHICKENS. Every time I reach into the brooder to clean their water, fill their food, etc. they run for the corner and smash their faces against the seam of the box. All 8 of them. It's almost like they're convinced I'm going to kidnap them. Here's a photo of them from last...
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    Who Here Has A Blog | Please Share?

    Hi folks - I've noticed that quite a few of us have blogs. I'm new here and would love to read up on some... is there already a directory? If not - would ya mind dropping a note with a link to your blog? I have all weekend to read... Thanks!!! - Kim
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    Bistro Peeps - 8 Lil' Chickies Posing for the Camera

    Hello, friends! We've done so much chicken research and BYC forum lurking that I "almost" feel like I'm ready to take on these little ladies... which we just picked up this afternoon. From left to right, Row 1: Silver Laced Wyandotte, Turken, Buff Orpington and Ameraucana From left to right...
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    Greetings from North Tustin, CA

    Hello, friends! I grew up with three hens and a rooster. Now, as an adult, I've convinced my husband that having chickens is a "good idea." We plan to stage an area in our yard this weekend - and build the coop ourselves. We're picking up 4 (or 6) chicks next week from the local Wagon Train...
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