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  1. DucksOhio

    Anyone sick of winter?

    I’m soooo ready for Spring. Although it’s mild here today, we still have a lot of snow and ice. Duckies’ pond is solidly frozen so I’ve been lugging 20+ gallons of water daily from my basement to their house and kiddie pool. Thinking of getting a heated hose...they’re kinda pricey though. Has...
  2. DucksOhio

    Duck struggling to walk tonight

    one of my 9 month old khaki girls was really struggling to move about this afternoon. She was just fine this morning, not sure what happened. She’s eating, swimming And been doing great. She seems to rely on her wings to move. I checked her for any injuries to foot and leg and nothing I can...
  3. DucksOhio

    Help! My new duck house is WET

    Recently, we got a new duck house, as our old one was not at all good for Ohio winters. We opted to buy a 10 x 20' lofted barn. It's very well made, and keeps the snow and rain out. The 12 ducks like it. My issue is clearly a ventilation issue. We're getting a lot of condensation on the inside...
  4. DucksOhio

    Double Yorkers and huge eggs?

    one of my khakis, 2.5 years old is laying ENORMOUS eggs. The shells are good and hard, I broke one open, content looks fine, but double yolks. Is this in anyway harmful? I can’t imagine passing eggs that size would be comfortable. As always, thanks!
  5. DucksOhio

    Help..too many eggs!

    hi all I’m in weird position.. I have 10 healthy girl ducks laying, and I am trying to give the eggs away for free. I have an egg intolerance, any eggs. My eggs are fresh, cleaned every day, and I have a ton of eco friendly egg cartons with cute labels. I would love to find a way to give...
  6. DucksOhio

    When can I see duck eggs?

    my 8 girls were born mid April. 3 khakis and 5 welshies. I should be expecting some eggs soon, or does it take longer for them? Thanks!
  7. DucksOhio

    So sad this morning

    I lost my 3.5 year old female runner, Momma this morning. I have absolutely no idea what happened! I found her lifeless in the duck house when I went to let the flock out. Everyone else is fine. She was eating and swimming just fine yesterday. And she’s the queen bee, guarded by my only 2...
  8. DucksOhio

    I’m the crazy pea lady

    my 13 ducks love peas. Of course they have poultry food, dried w mealworms and tons of fresh water. I go to Walmart, giant eagle and literally buy all the frozen peas. People must think I’m crazy if I buy say 30 lbs of peas. Maybe I am crazy?
  9. DucksOhio

    Do drakes ever calm down??

    Curious ... my 2 drakes are so incredibly randy, is there an age they ever stop being so aggressive? I have 11 girls, but they always are screaming and running away when the drakes approach them. The drakes are a little over 3 years old.
  10. DucksOhio


    One of 2 year old khaki girls is missing for 3 hours. I let them all out of the house this morning at 7:00, and she is nowhere to be found. Her sister is VERY upset!! I've looked everywhere. She sometimes goes and hides to lay an egg, but always comes back. Hopefully today is the same...
  11. DucksOhio

    Ducklings afraid to go outside?

    I was looking forward to my 6 week olds finally going outside the duck house. Weather has been great. But, they don’t want to leave the duck house! Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. DucksOhio

    I just raised 8 ducklings and I am exhausted.

    oh my gosh...these little creatures are so much work. 5 six week olds and 3 four week olds....back and forth from the duck house to the brooder, endless trips to tractor supply...not sleeping past 5:00 am. So much poop and spilled water. Thankfully, the older ducklings are going outside of the...
  13. DucksOhio

    Duckling sneezing?

    One of my 3 week old Welshies was sneezing (or sounded like it) this morning. After reading a couple of great threads on this magnificent forum, I realized that they were still on the water dribbler, which doesn't give them the opportunity for them to rinse out their sinuses. I put the smallest...
  14. DucksOhio

    Welsh Harlequin 2 week olds are oddly too calm

    i have a 4 week old duckling flock, 3 khakis, 2 Welshies, all girls. They are acting like normal 4 week old ducklings. My 3 2 week old welshies are really almost too calm. They’re eating and drinking lots of water, but whenever I check on them, they’re cuddled together and not freaking out when...
  15. DucksOhio

    Okay for 3 week olds to go out?

    My 5 3 week old girls are really outgrowing their indoor brooder. I’d like to get them in the duck house during the day, back inside at night. (The older ducks will be outside, not in the duck house). It’s going to be 60 degrees in a few hours. Will they be okay? The duck house is well...
  16. DucksOhio

    More new please!

    i am raising 3 khakis, 2 Welshies and they are doing great at about a week and a half old. It’s always surprising how fast they grow! One of the baby ducks was DOA on arrival, so the hatchery is sending me 3 more, eta on Wednesday. Should I create a separate brooder for the new girls? Or will...
  17. DucksOhio

    How to keep a duckling brooder dry??

    Does anyone have advice on how to keep the adorable ducklings from getting water all over their bedding? I'm cleaning it out 3+ times a day -- just for wetness. Attached is photo of my setup (girls are still pretty afraid of me, that's why they're hiding).
  18. DucksOhio

    How to get rid of a mean drake?

    i have a lovely flock of ducks I adore. I even have a drake who makes my day. However, I have one mean drake, who scares everyone. Not just excessive mating, just mean. Bullying, pushes away my girls from food, etc. I currently have 3 girls, 2 drakes, and 5 (soon to be 8) duckling girls in my...
  19. DucksOhio

    New Ducklings!

    Got my new ducklings this morning from PO. 3 Khakis and 3 Welsh Harlequins — all girls. Sadly, one of the Welshies was DOA. I ordered from Meyer Hatchery, which is based in Ohio (like me). I learned yesterday that my order was actually fulfilled by Metzger Farms in California! That's a long...
  20. DucksOhio

    A hard decision

    could use some advice. 3 years ago, I took on 6 ducks my neighbor bought on Craigslist. 4 drakes, 2 ducks. I raised 4 khaki girls 2 years ago, but unfortunately 2 of them have passed, one to a wasp sting, one to reproductive issues. The older ducks, of which I still have are 2 runners, one...
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