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  1. Exotica

    How long does it take Corid to work.. should I ever be using Corid?

    Hi everyone. Two days ago, I lost two Svart Hona chicks.. It was so sudden! They were fine the night before and the morning of.. but when I checked in the afternoon, two were dead. Today, the same thing happened.. two passed - both Svart Hona's. Then I noticed one of my Swedish Flower Hens...
  2. Exotica

    What can these be..?

    Hi everyone! So I won these chicks from an auction from Greenfire Farms. I was sent a list of all possible chicks but counted three extra. I have no idea what these three can be. The breeds that I received were: a Silver Spitzhauben, 3 Orusts, 4 Svart Hona's, a Marsh Daisy, 2 East Frisian...
  3. Exotica

    Hens that keep laying until the day they die? Say hi to the Deathlayer!

    Hi everyone! I've been following Greenfire Farms on Facebook ever since I won two auctions from them for 12 rare breed assorted chicks. I'm just completely in love with them, as they sent me extra's and ALL the chicks survived! I'm in southern California and of course, GFF is in Florida so I...
  4. Exotica

    2 Greenfire Farms Swedish Black Hen (Svart Höna's) chicks!

    Please remove this mods! Chicks are gone!
  5. Exotica

    Cream Legbars, Bielefelders, or Swedish Flower Hens?

    Hi everyone! These chicks are from Greenfire Farms and I was wondering if you could help me figure out which is which!! I apologize because this is going to be a looong, picture heavy post! Chick #1: Chick #2: Chick #3: Chick #4: Chick #5: Chick...
  6. Exotica

    Dead Chick..

    Hi everyone, Today, one of my Splash Isbars passed. It was perhaps about a week old and just fine this morning! Yes, it was eating, drinking. The brooder is in my room and they are the first batch that are in here. They have pine shavings, fresh water with Gro-Max probiotics/Save-A-Chic...
  7. Exotica

    Communication with Greenfire Farms?

    Hi everyone! I won an auction from Greenfire Farms on Rare Breed Auctions yesterday around 2PM for 12 random chicks. I've been trying to e-mail them but no response.. I'm a bit worried. They haven't contacted me and I already paid. Does anybody else have this problem with them? Also, I...
  8. Exotica

    She's literally dying.. right now.

    One of my Cream Legbar chicks is in the processing of dying. I don't know what to do.. it keeps doing this "gasping" motion.. They were shipped to me yesterday and only the Splash Isbar died. The rest were very healthy, including the one dying right now. It was running around, eating, drinking...
  9. Exotica

    Rumpless? And who's the one crowing?! They were guaranteed to be girls!

    Hi everyone! These chicks I bought from the local feed store and the "rumpless" from a breeder. The feed store one's were guaranteed to be girls but somebody is crowing.. Please help!! First off, I bought this Ameraucana from a breeder (or was it Araucana?) and nothing about being rumpless...
  10. Exotica

    She just disappeared?

    Sigh.. this week has been heartbreaking and terrible for me. What just happened literally a 15 minutes ago is a death kiss from the cherry on top. A few days ago, my mother who I've warned countless times to not let my little Papillon out unless it was supervised - let him out with my...
  11. Exotica

    Please help, dog injured baby chick..

    Please help. I'm hysterical and cannot think straight right now. My dog has been around my chicks before but always supervised. I've never left them alone but my Mother, who I've warned THOUSANDS of times to NOT LET MY DOG OUT - let him out because "I've seen them together when you're there...
  12. Exotica

    Finally finished!! (:

    Hi everyone!! Today was a very exciting day because I am finally finished with my coop!! Luckily for me, when we moved here there was already a "shed" that was built as if it were a mini house. The floors are concrete, the walls are all insulted, and the roof is built exactly like the...
  13. Exotica

    Chocolate Laced Silver Orpingtons/Isabel Laced Lavender Orpingtons Oh how I wish I lived on the other side of the world ): Does anyone know of anyone over here working on projects like...
  14. Exotica

    Amber Waves?

    Has anyone purchased any Silkies or Marans from Amber Waves? I am not asking about your experience since I do not want any flaming of the breeder to happen, I just simply want to see the pictures of what you purchased all grown up so I can decide whether or not to purchase from them! Thanks!
  15. Exotica

    What breeds come in lavender?

    Can any breed be lavender? I know I want a lavender chicken, but I'm yet to decide on the breed! If you know any, please throw them out here so I can search for some breeders! Thanks!
  16. Exotica

    Vietnamese Ga Ac

    Hi everyone! If you are Vietnamese (like I am), I'm sure you have heard of "Ga Ac" which if translated means "Evil Chicken" () Traditionally, these chickens are thought to have medicinal properties. Here are a few pictures: ^ This picture was included to show the correct...
  17. Exotica

    Oh gosh, is she going to die? ):

    Ahhh!! Please help!! I bought three chicks today from a breeder/very small hatchery and I took one of them to the bathroom because she had a tiny little bit of poop crusted on her little toe so while I was filling up the sink with warm water she ended up eating a strand of my long hair from...
  18. Exotica

    Frizzle? Color? I can't figure it out!!

    Hi! I recently did some chicken addition and ending up adding 5 silkies to my flock! I got them from a local breeder. She was not sure who laid the egg but she is guessing it was these two: She also had a paint silkie that she thinks could be the mother to two of them. In total, I got...
  19. Exotica

    Red light vs. Black light?

    Hello! I'm not sure which light I should use? I have a red heat lamp light bulb and I have a 60 watt black light bulb. I live in Southern California and the it has been around 100 F during the afternoon. Maybe about 80 F at night. With the black light the max temp is 90 F but I have a two...
  20. Exotica

    Coop Bedding?

    Hello! I was just wondering what everyone has for bedding? I'm thinking about either sand so I can scoop the poop with a kitty litter scooper or straw with zeolite. What do you think is better? I'll also be putting a droppings board under the roost. Thanks!
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