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  1. Chookhappys Chicken Coop

    Chookhappys Chicken Coop

    Hello and welcome to our happy hens page! (last updated: 01.15.2010) UPDATE!! 1/23/2010 We got 3 week old chicks today! 8 EE's, two RIR, and two BR's!! They're sooo cute! We got our pullets on October 10th 2009 at 11 weeks old. They are two Barred Rocks, two Easter Eggers, one Black Sex Link...
  2. The Real Coop Starts

    The Real Coop Starts

    To build or to buy... (This page is currently under construction) So as I mentioned on the other page I started building my "coop" but when we got the chooks we understood their needs way better and had realized we have a very strong run now... We got a rabbit hutch my bro had been using for a...
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