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  1. Tala

    made chicken noodle soup without the can

    So I suck at making dumplings. I had a black sexlink rooster that not only wasn't needed for breeding, but sealed his fate by flogging me. So what to do with a full grown (year old) rooster? I made chicken noodle soup!!! After butchering I soaked him in a cooler of salty ice water for about 4...
  2. Tala

    Dog attack (warning: don't build your coops out of chicken wire! pix)

    The other morning a FOUR DOG pack attacked my chicken pen! They tore chicken wire off the fence that was on top of welded wire, chewed stuff up and generally created a mess. Fortunately I build strong fences and the chickens were safe. Word on the street is that they are recent dumps. I...
  3. Tala

    Miss me yet?

    I won't be on very much. Had to cancel the internet due to budget crunch. I can get some free wi-fi from time to time on my laptop, but the battery is only good for an hour at a time. I miss you guys already and it's only been off since Tuesday!! We're still eating and the a/c is still on, just...
  4. Tala

    Strange tracks, any ideas?

    I've been finding some strange tracks. My father in law acquired this really fine powdery white sand stuff, and it's great for tracking. It's not directly around my coop, but on the driveway and walkways nearby. I took lots of pictures because it's hard to get a good picture with a flashlight...
  5. Tala

    Have a nickel foot chick

    Just wanted to talk about him with people who understand. I've had a bad hatch and I think I know why now. I had 3 pips, for over 24 hours so I peeled one out of the shell. The yolk was fully absorbed, but his legs seem weak and his feet are curly. I'm guessing weak legs kept the others from...
  6. Tala

    So how would you manage a problem skunk?

    So I have a new skunk in the area, a baby/teenager that is stealing eggs every night. Trapping skunks is easy, but how does one go about disposing of the problem animal? I understand they will spray when they die no matter how you shoot them....or so I've heard. I'd rather avoid that.
  7. Tala

    My 50lb dog feeder for chickens

    Got tired of filling the feeder every other day. My grandpa had one of these for his dogs back in the day, and it's broken now so I had to buy my own. $39 at the farm store holds 50# of dog food or around 60# of layer pellets I used hardware cloth to prop open the feed door a bit since it's...
  8. Tala

    medium sized egg cartons

    I just received over a hundred free MEDIUM egg-sized Styrofoam cartons from a local C-store that serves breakfast. Most of my hens lay in the upwards towards the Jumbo size range (have trouble closing "large egg" cartons on a daily basis, they're not double yolkers or anything unusual). My...
  9. Tala

    My "redneck" roll-away next box

    My hens liked their little doghouse for a nest box, but I think it was a bit too big, eggs were getting broken and dirty. I think some of the hens tried to "dustbath" in it and sometimes the subordinate roo would jump in there to hide from the dominant one and that sure didn't help matters...
  10. Tala

    Took the doggies swimming. just pix

    I was having a blast with my phone. At least until Hawk lost his ball I've got to get some more of those duck retriever dummies that float higher in the water so he can see them better, because when he looses balls they float downriver never to be seen again. Or at least, when the water warms...
  11. Tala

    I'm fed up with Paychex again (regarding taxes)

    Didn't I have issues with them last year? I'm trying to figure out why only $360 was withheld from my checks last year (with zero exemptions). I put into the IRS online calculator assuming the same withholding for 2011 they expect $3360 to be withheld. The numbers are not that different from...
  12. Tala

    Does he look fat to you?

    My boss thinks my Lab Mix is fat. When we got him a little over a year ago he was 82lbs and looked thin. He's now 107lbs and seems maybe a bit heavy from us not exercising much in the winter, but he's not fat enough for me to worry. You can still see his ribs if you look for them. What do you...
  13. Tala

    Some mix in there somewhere!

    The guy in question is a black sexlink cockerel, that I THOUGHT was the result of my RIR roo (hatchery from TSC) and a Cuckoo Marans pullet (hatchery I think, got her from a friend) The mama I have recently noticed has started changing earlobe color, red with white in the middle. Pictures of...
  14. Tala

    I put 3 more eggs in my bator

    So I kinda like this Rcom Mini, well except the mini part. It's hard to pick which 3 eggs, coz you can only do 3 at a time. I just put in 2 more Black Copper Marans eggs and one Cuckoo Marans egg. Same two roos as my last hatch, a BCM and an EE. See ya in 21 days!
  15. Tala

    anybody see the cat burglar on tv?? Quote:
  16. Tala

    Red earlobe turning white?

    I thought I'd gone crazy! I noticed today that one of my Cuckoo Marans girls suddenly has white earlobes!!! Upon closer inspection, they are still red around the edges, but turning white from the center outwards (if you think of it as a circle, kinda) but I didn't get a decent picture. Any ideas...
  17. Tala

    Chili cooks, a little help please!

    I made chili tonight. It's great at first, but a little too hot AFTER you swallow. I put in chili powder, garlic powder, salt/pepper and red pepper. Is it the chili powder or the red pepper that is setting my mouth on fire after I swallow the food????
  18. Tala

    So has anybody else's coop padlocks frozen up on them?

    I'm a big believer in padlocks for my coop. Have had my share of two legged predators as well as raccoons that can figure out most latches. Except, a few days ago it rained 1.5" and then the temp dropped from 40*F to 20*F in about 3 hours ----- all my padlocks froze and I've been unable to get...
  19. Tala

    Those who have built live traps, please explain :)

    Those of you who have built your own live traps, could you please explain them? Directions? Mainly I'm interested in what materials you used and how it works together. I think I'm gonna have to re-engineer the trip plate and trap door on my dog trap. I want to move the trip plate further into...
  20. Tala

    my V-day chicks, first chick hatched pix!

    Set 3 eggs tonight in my new R-Com mini incubator (that I won on the BYC rooster crowing photo contest!!!!!!!) Two Black Copper Marans and one White Leghorn egg. They have a buff colored EE roo with them and a BCM roo with them. Should be some lovely mutts, hope for pullets!!!!!!!! Was gonna set...
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