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  1. barngem

    What kind of chicken is this

    This is not the best picture but he has a little puff of feathers under his comb and his comb is flat walnut type with what looks like two little for in the back. He is quite docile and quiet. I purchased a hen at an auction with 10 chicks, I did not sex them. But someone did all but two...
  2. barngem

    Sinus or ear infection and kinda waddles a bit. Can someone please help

    I have seached the forum and have a couple questions unanswered. I hope someone has time to reply. I have two hens that seem to have a sinus infection, no oozing or smell, just swoolen below the eye in waddle area. Noticed today that one hen is starting to swell more. One hen walks funny not a...
  3. barngem

    Chicken with sinus issue Please dont ignore my post

    After reading some old posts I believe my hen has a sinus infection, or at least some sort of blockage. She does not have a runny nose or runny eyes. But she has a bump under her eye kind of at the corner of her beak. It looked as thou it was going to go away for a while and now it is there...
  4. barngem

    Duramycin egg withdrawl time

    When using Duramycin does anyone know how long before the eggs are OK to eat ?
  5. barngem

    Lump below eye next to beak on hen Please suggest

    I have read about other chickens with simular things on the forum but none of the symptoms fit my hen. She has no discharge, no yucky smell and she feels fine and is eating fine. She is not sneezing or having any trouble that I can see at all. Its not swollen and puffy and hot like infection...
  6. barngem

    Mother hen pecking her 4 week old chicks on the head, HELP

    Ok I have this hen that hatched out chicks about 1 months ago. She has been a super mom, and takes good care of her chicks. She had a chick in the past and raised him up fine. Today I let all the chickens out of the coop and as they are running around the chicks come over to her and she pecks...
  7. barngem

    Hen Drunk Acting but Alert 8 months old. Please help I am new to this

    I have 6 chickens one of my sumatra hens yesterday came out of the coop and wobled around like her foot was asleep and acted frightened. I picked her up and got her settled down and then she was fine for the rest of the day. Today she comes out of the coop the same way. She seems alert but...
  8. barngem

    What is your Take on coop heaters? (My Experience Re heater purchase)

    For christmas my honey purchased a little chicken coop heater that is supposed to go in the bottom of the coop. It never arrived, he contacted them and they told him it must have been lost in shipping and sent another. It arrived within 2 days but had the same tracking number as the orginal...
  9. barngem

    Winter warmth

    This has probably been asked a hundred times but I cant find a satisfactory answer I live in Northern Michigan... by Traverse City, not in the Upper Peninsula but in the top West of the Northern Lower. I have a chicken coop that is 48 x48 on legs I will post a pic. I have 6 chickens... 4...
  10. barngem

    What is the Size diff Between bantam Sumatras and Standard ?

    We have Sumatras that are 4 mo old going on 5 I am wondering if they are close to being full grown. Our Roo is getting a beautiful tail so I am going to assume he is about grown but he does not crow? This will sound dumb but do they crow? Our Old English Bantam started crowing at 3 weeks old...
  11. barngem

    Broken/cracked Beak UPDATE

    This moring when my little hen came out of the coop she had a cracked beak She must have done it yesterday sometime. The only thing I can think is that she jumped off the perch and hit her face. She is kinda top heavy and doesnt do that very well. I dont want her to do it again either. They...
  12. barngem

    What Happened To My Chick

    Went to the barn to let chicks out of small cage and loose in large cage, All is well, I return an hour later to bring them in for the night and one chick has these red bloody spots on each side of her face. Maybe she got her neck caught in something, the only thing I can think is the feeder...
  13. barngem

    Help poor chick

    I posted this on raising chicks too I went to the barn today let chicks out into large pen went back an hour later and my one hen 2mo old has a red bloody spot each side of her face Right below her ears. She did not have it an hour before. Is there something wrong with her or did she get...
  14. barngem

    Many questions need many answers

    Ok you long time flocksters are probably sick of the newbie questions but here they go anyway. 1) Worming, do you always do it? If so how often? With what? What about your laying hens and the eggs after worming? 2) Unmedicated grower vs medicated grower. I chose unmedicated because I have been...
  15. barngem

    Introducing Chicks to Adults

    I am asking this question because I have four 5 week old Sumatra chicks. They are getting big and they have been spending days outside in a large pen under a shade tree. I keep an eye on them from my kitchen window. So today I decided to take them over to the chicken pen and put their large...
  16. barngem

    Meyer Hatchery Free Shipping on Some

    I just saw that they have free shipping on some of their extra chicks. Certain breeds. Thought I would pass it along I just got chicks from here in june they were shipped very well in a nice little crate with a shipping straw bottom, really well done.
  17. barngem

    New to Chicks and I have a few Questions

    1) Anyone every have an old mama chicken that was willing to take over brooder chicks? 2) I have two adult chickens, 1 roo 1 hen, when it is time how do I introduce my new chicks to the other two? 3) These came from a hachery do I have to be concerned with lice or mites. What I am getting at is...
  18. barngem

    New Sumatra Chicks Arrived Yesterday

    Black Sumatra Chicks. They are about 3 weeks I think they are starting to get feathers, A friend ordered a bunch of other chickens and they stayed at his house for 2 weeks before I brought them home. Here is a pic of my current chickens The little rooster was only about 6-7 months in this pic...
  19. barngem

    Not laying

    I am new to chickens well at least only a year or 2 I have this pretty little hen and for a 1 or better she has layed an egg a day but now she is not laying. She layed one around easter and that was the end of it. I dont really care but I want to make sure she is getting what she needs I feed...
  20. barngem

    Can Someone tell me how to use DE

    I read the bag and it says dont breath it dont do this and that. I wanted to put it out in a pan for my chickens to dust in Will that be ok will it cause problems if they breath it? I am pretty confused since I know food grade is used in deworming and in feed, I also know that it is good to...
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