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  1. Fallenone05

    EE hen or roo?

    Hey everyone! I hatched some chicks out around Thanksgiving and was wondering if I could get some help on sexing this one. I'm leaning towards pullet, but I've heard that red on the wings is a sign of a boy so ehhhh
  2. Fallenone05

    Brinsea Mini 2 Advance questions!

    Hey y'all! I got my first incubator and it's a Brinsea Mini 2 Advance. I'm on my last week of incubation, my six eggs are growing and thriving!! I've got a hygrometer/thermometer inside the incubator and my humidity has been around 35-40%. It's been reading about 2F cooler than what the...
  3. Fallenone05

    Black leg and combed birds

    Hi everyone! I went to my local sale barn and ended up buying some chickens to start a flock again. Two of the ones I got are Easter Eggers, but the other two are a mystery. They've got dark black faces, combs and legs. They're gold and black, but don't have the face tufts of an EE or the...
  4. Fallenone05

    English Orpington in Oklahoma

    Hello y'all! Feel free to point me in the right forum direction if this is in the wrong spot. I haven't used BYC in two years or so, so I'm a little confused on where to go now. Long story short, I moved to Florida, sold my birds, learned I hate Florida and will be moving back to South East...
  5. Fallenone05

    ISO Blue or Black Splash Polish bantam Roo

    Is there anyone in OK that has this breed and a rooster they can part with? Potentially Arkansas too.
  6. Fallenone05

    Swedish Flower x Buff Brahma

    Hi everyone! I let my Buff Brahma hen sit some eggs, and her baby hatched! I know it's hers because her chick has inherited her feathery legs. Its daddy is a Swedish Flower Rooster. This their colorings for now! I was wondering what yall think of how they'll be colored as they age? Thanks so much!
  7. Fallenone05

    Hatching eggs got yolk all over them

    I have a hen that's gone broody and unfortunately her nest got overrun today. Two eggs broke and left a yolk-y mess on her other eggs. Should I gently rinse them off? Or are these eggs unsalvageable due to the bacteria?
  8. Fallenone05

    Resolved, thanks!

    I'm not sure where else to ask but I've got a question about this little guy. This one is a Japanese Bantam roo but I'm curious about his colors? His parents were buff/gold but he definitely didn't come out that way. I don't know why my picture won't post so let me see what I can do
  9. Fallenone05

    Just processed a bird..

    This is my first processing experience and I held her and talked to her before hand. Yesterday she got to free range all day and today was the big day. We got her all cut up and cleaned but we found this in her abdomen, I think? (it's hard to tell what part a chicken is after they're ripped to...
  10. Fallenone05

    Deep Litter or Sand & Mosquitoes in Run

    So I guess this is a double whammy thread due to me wanting to maintain my coop the best way I can. I'm trying to be as informative as I can with this, I just hope it makes sense! I live in Oklahoma, on the Eastern, wet side (yay arkansas river valley). We've got mosquitoes something fierce...
  11. Fallenone05

    Breed and Gender

    Hi everyone! I've got this three week old chick who's a mystery. Any guesses on breed would be great! This one is a d'uccle! 5 weeks old. Guesses on gender would be fantastic.
  12. Fallenone05

    Rooster acting weird

    So I've got a Speckled Sussex roo I've had for about 2 months now. I have bragged on this boy a lot and I'm a little disappointed in him, truthfully. This past week he's gotten into a bad behavior of running up behind me and going after my feet. But instead of him getting uppity and continuously...
  13. Fallenone05

    When did you learn you had a rooster?

    This is going to be an odd thread and I'm looking for a discussion of your various experiences with baby chicks! My little chicks have turned two weeks old this week. I know that most sex characteristics come out around 5-6 weeks, so I've got a few more weeks to make sure. But this is a...
  14. Fallenone05

    Baby chicks

    I had a broody hen hatch some babies. Long story short, I had to introduce a new baby from Atwoods for her to have. The little one on the left is her hatchling. The daddy is a Speckled Sussex, and the mom is either a buff brahma or a production red. They're a week and two days old...
  15. Fallenone05

    Shivering baby??

    Hi all. I had two eggs hatch from a first time broody yesterday (June 1st). The first baby to hatch was unfortunately killed by my chickens, and not the mother, but the second baby is still with me after an impromptu enclosure was built. Unfortunately, something doesn't seem quite right with...
  16. Fallenone05

    Thin eggs laid from roost?

    So this is the third egg that I've found that just seems to... Fall out of the hen from the roost bar. The egg shell is super thin and nearly paper white, but none of my birds regularly lay white eggs. All are off white and brown. So I'm wondering if this is like a popcorn fart egg or what might...
  17. Fallenone05

    BSL hen?

    I got a new baby recently and have added her to my mixed flock, but I never thought of what she might be. I think she's a black sex link but I'm not sure. Her little legs are a deep olive color. Like a green/brown. I wish I could get a picture but she's currently adjusting and finding her...
  18. Fallenone05

    Cecal worms??

    So I've been letting my chickens out for the past few weeks, letting them enjoy the yard and all it has to offer. However, one (and only one) of my girls has slightly runny poop. It's a mixture of runny and solid, and it's particularly fragrant. I noticed that in the watery portion today, it...
  19. Fallenone05

    Chicken Ate a Rubber Lure??

    She didn't eat a hook. My chicken ate one of these. I tried getting it away from her but she tipped her head back and horked it down. She's still eating and drinking but I'm a little bit worried. It was an older...
  20. Fallenone05

    Succulent Greens?

    In a thread of mine, someone mentioned something called 'succulent greens.' I've been curious about what these are, and if native, wild plants in my backyard would be considered succulent greens? I've been looking many of the plant species up and I've learned we've got a mixture of plains and...
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