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  1. Shiekkitten

    Can anyone help me and my husband figure out our hens breed

    We purchased our hen and she was in with the rainbow chickens we are dying to know exactly what her breed is she is sweet as can be and she slept with our seven year old thinking he was hers lol hope these pictures help Thank you ☺ its name is Hawkley don't know really if it's a roo or a hen to...
  2. Shiekkitten

    Daily smiles

    This is our hen named nestle she is one of our black sexlink she is spoiled and loves the camera we enjoy hearing her purr and coo when she is happy☺ she enjoys laying on me and singing I enjoy seeing her every morning she loves to cuddle and make everyone smile here are a few pictures to...
  3. Shiekkitten

    New to owning chickens we have alot of different breeds

    Me and hubby are new to owning chickens we started last year. We have leghorns rhode islands new hamphsire reds cinnamon queens .Barred rocks. I finally got some silkies and crested polish and lace polish .Australorps and black sexlinks. My husband loves his blue Americana rooster. We love our...
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