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  1. 77horses

    My Drawings

    Hi! Welcome to my ~Drawing~ Page! This page has some of my drawings that I've done over the years. Some of them have had hard work put into them, others are just doodles. :P Please feel free to comment by PM but also please steal any of my pictures and claim them as your own!!!! Thank you and I...
  2. 77horses

    New Homemade Incubator

    I tested the original homemade Styro-Bator and saw that it was too small to fit my homemade egg turner AND it didn't hold temp. and hum. well at all. So....Here's out new homemade 100q Igloo ice chest incubator: (it's still being worked on but hopefully, once we get a thermostat and lamp kit, we...
  3. 77horses

    Broody Henchicks Pictures

    This page is for updates and pictures for our broody Buff Orpington hen, Setherina, and her three eggs that she's sitting on. They are planned to hatch around the 2nd week of June, 2009. Check back for more updates and pictures! :) (UPDATES ARE AT THE VERY END OF THE PAGE!) Here's a family...
  4. 77horses

    Homemade Incubator 5

    Up above is a picture of the incubator being tested! It works great, but now we just have to get temp. right. We still need to get the right light bulb. Here's a picture of the incubator's homemade egg turner!
  5. 77horses

    77horses Chicken Blog

    Hey! I'm 77horses! Welcome to my page! ABOUT ME: I love raising chickens, and I'm a Vegetarian. I love animals (especially chickens and horses) and I'm a Crazy Pullet of BYC- The Spontaneous One! I'm also one of the founders of the Crazy Pullets (along with Kooshie) and I'm a Platinum...
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