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  1. kwhites634

    Ford 641 tractor

    Anyone own one? I'm looking for info on them. Only tractor I've owned was a Ford 9N, which was made before I was. All I know about the 641 is that it's about 35hp, gas or diesel, & is 4WD. Specifically, I need to know if it will put down pressure on an inplement, such as a blade; I need to...
  2. kwhites634

    Investigating Duplicate Posts

    Biggest thing that comes to mind is fixing whatever is causing posts to repeat themselves, more than once sometimes. If I don't catch them first, a mod sometimes deletes one. Never happened in the old format.
  3. kwhites634

    Moultrie trail cam problems

    My Moultrie M-880 trail camera quit working. Worked just fine last season; now I can't get it to work. Put all new batteries in it; nothing...won't even power up. Unscrewed the back, wanting to check for corrosion, but even with all 6 screws out, the back won't come off, which hopefully means no...
  4. kwhites634

    No drain holes in planter

    I bought this planter in the local TSC. I noticed it didn't have any drain holes, but I liked it; still do. Anyone have any idea how I can drill drain holes in it w/o the risk of breaking it? I don't know what it's made of; hoping someone sees it, or one of the others TSC sells, & knows. I could...
  5. kwhites634

    Log splitter info, please

    I'm contemplating the purchase of a log splitter, & have the candidates pretty well narrowed down to Huskee or Troy-built. Most reviews I've seen so far seem to favor the Toy-bilts. Comments welcome & appreciated.
  6. kwhites634

    Caroll County, MD hatcheries ?

    I know there's one in Taneytown, but I lost the contact info. Help?
  7. kwhites634

    Raised beds

    I should know this, but I don't :oops: Can PT wood be used for raised beds? I was using non-treated wood I had on hand; naturally, it didn't last.
  8. kwhites634

    BCM breeders in or near MD?

    Looking for hatching eggs from a tested breeder. PM me
  9. kwhites634

    Broody vs. Incubator

    OK, Amy, since you seem to be the resident guru here, I've got one for you: I had one of my Red Sex-links go broody on me back in June. We were going out of state for 3 weeks in July, so we took all her eggs from her til August 1st. After that, she was pretty much on the nest non-stop. She...
  10. kwhites634


    I'm in Frederick Co., MD; not exactly the flattest place in the world. I'm trying to design a 2nd run, for chicks & more space for the overall flock once the chicks are big enough to join them. My 1st run is based on a 16'x4' chain link dog kennel, a remnant of my dog breeding days. With one...
  11. kwhites634

    Egg production has fallen off drastically

    My flock of 10 Rhode Island Reds and 10 Barred Rocks has gone from a normal egg production of 15-19 per day early in the summer down to the 3 eggs I got today. This is a free range flock that roams and forages by day and is locked up at night. I've occasionally had them lay their eggs in...
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