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  1. Chicken Girl1

    Old age or sickness?

    Hello everyone, One of my hens is acting very ill. Yesterday when I let them out she stayed in the coop, just sitting in the nest box. I brought her inside and checked her. Her comb and wattles are normal, there is no swelling or bloating anywhere, no heavy breathing or wheezing, but I think she...
  2. Chicken Girl1

    Internal laying again?

    So about 6 months ago I had a hen who had internal laying ( now I'm wondering if another has it. She is acting similar to my first hen but the symptoms are not as extreme. She stayed sitting on the coop floor instead of coming...
  3. Chicken Girl1

    Is it an abcess?

    I was checking my girls today and noticed something strange by one of my Easter Egger's beak. After looking at it I have some questions. Is it an abcess? Can I do anything to get rid of it? Can it cause further harm to her? How does it occur and how can I prevent it? She is acting totally normal...
  4. Chicken Girl1

    Is my hen dying?

    Hello fellow BYCers, While letting the girls out this morning I noticed my oldest bird Samoa didn’t come out. She was lying on the floor of the coop. Her breathing sounds bad, like someone with a really bad cold. I picked her up and placed her in the run, she immediately just sagged down. She...
  5. Chicken Girl1

    Red Sex-link Hybrids?

    So I'll just cut to the chase and say its about confusion of Red sex-link hybrids. I've heard so many different names for these birds that all look the same, my questions are: Are they grouped as red sex-links and the other names branch off from there? Lets see if I can say this better. You are...
  6. Chicken Girl1

    Memorial Day

    Thank you all who served our country!
  7. Chicken Girl1

    Solved Badge

    I saw you distrusted our badges, thank you! I noticed that I'm missing my spirit badge, it isn't a big deal I was just wondering. I understand if you are still distributing badges or if I was accidently missed. Thank you!
  8. Chicken Girl1

    Solved What is this?

    I was looking at the trading feedback and clicked on a thread which sent me to place like the new BYC but with out pictures. I thought it was just a glitch and so went to my profile but it didn't change, here is the link: ...
  9. Chicken Girl1

    Solved Can't visit members profile

    I keep on trying to visit @familyfarm1 profile page but it sends me to a page saying 'error-not found' (it doesn't even show up when I try and tag her). I haven't had a problem with any other members so far. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  10. Chicken Girl1

    Solved Can't find my threads

    Hello wonderful BYC staff :)! When I go to my profile page and then go to information it gives me a link that says 'find all threads by Chicken Girl1' I clicked on it but is said no results found. With a little (well more then usual) effort I located one of the threads a started and it seemed...
  11. Chicken Girl1

    The BYC Book Club

    I just finished reading 'Gone with the Wind' for the first time, checking it off my bucket list of Classic books. What are you reading right now? What do you plan on reading? What are your favorite genres? Or books in general? Please stop by and share everything! My Favorite Genres...
  12. Chicken Girl1

    Chick with foot infection

    Please read about it in this thread: If you can help in any way that would be great! Thanks, Chicken Girl1
  13. Chicken Girl1

    Chick acting strange

    I bought 7 chicks from a feed store yesterday and they were all eating, drinking, and running. However this morning Pip, my Easter Egger, is acting strange. She has been sleeping most of the time, I checked for pasty butt but she was clean, she is eating and drinking, just not being active (I...
  14. Chicken Girl1

    Need pictures for article

    Okay, I am writing an article on the different color varieties of: Cochins, Orpingtons, Plymouth Rocks, and Wyandottes. If you have any pictures that you can share that would be amazing! Thanks in advance! Chicken Girl1 Plymouth Rock Barred White Buff Silver Penciled Partridge Blue...
  15. Chicken Girl1

    Last Online

    Just a quick question, on a members profile page it tells you when they were last online. I noticed that a few members didn't have that, any particular reason? Just wondering :).
  16. Chicken Girl1

    Chicken killed during the day

    Arrggh! Came home from church today to find one of my hens killed . The rest of the flock were huddled together in a corner, the hen's insides were eaten but that's about all. I've had snakes, raccoons, hawks, and an unknown predator. What do you think was most likely predator to come in the...
  17. Chicken Girl1

    Run area

    Just something I found helpful that I thought I would share :). I have a chicken run that is situated on the side of a hill (I made it quickly and didn't realize that it wasn't the best location). Well after 5 years of having chickens all the grass....well is gone. It gets pretty muddy when it...
  18. Chicken Girl1

    What is considered an Easter Egger

    I have read so much (on this site and off) and have been told about Easter Eggers and what is considered an Easter Egger but they all have different ideas what an Easter Egger is . Is it just a mixed breed with the blue egg gene? But how come some people say that it can lay any color? Does it...
  19. Chicken Girl1

    Pictures not showing up?

    I was in the "What Breed or Gender is This?" forum and on any thread I went to the pictures wouldn't show up (even photos I saw the day before suddenly stopped showing up). I went to the "Raising Baby Chicks" forum and they aren't showing up there either. Is it just my computer or is anyone else...
  20. Chicken Girl1

    Mixed Flock

    I have a variety of different hens, all of them I LOVE so much! My flock consists of: Australorps, Wynndottes, Production Reds, Red sex-links, RIRs, White Plymouth Rocks, Black sex-links, and mixed breeds. Here are a few photos of my hens:
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