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  1. Vannahen


    I have 10 month old hens. Large coop large run, 7 hens. I have never seen any aggression, ever. Tho I know it could be happening when I am not around. My favorite girl has all the sudden had feathers missing, is this something she has done?on the back close to tail feathers. Or has others done...
  2. Vannahen

    What kind of chicken

    What kind of a chicken is this? I rescued her and this picture does not do her justice she is tiny!! The size of a yeti cup. The previous owners did not know what she was?! They did tell me she lays tiny eggs too
  3. Vannahen

    Introducing a new hen

    I have 7 hens, have never had any issues with getting along, I have just adopted a hen down the road, a fox got in a Woman’s coop and ate all the hens but one, so I’m taking her. How do I put her in the coop? Should I do it at night? Thanks guys!!
  4. Vannahen

    What kind of rooster is this?!!

  5. Vannahen

    Hens were now not roosting

    So I have 7 hens, all raised from pullets, have never seen any hostility at all, not even a little. They have plenty of run time 7am-6pm. They have a swing, Food, treats.... I’ve noticed the last month I have 2 hens that have went to a different roosting bar, the other 5 all on the highest, and...
  6. Vannahen

    What killed my hen?

    i am a new hen mom. I have a hen that was discovered that has been attacked. Can anyone tell me what they think got her? I live in Missouri. This is the first hen I’ve lost, pretty devastated as my girls are like family to me.
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